Costinel Baicu-Petre - Director of Product Development

As the Director of Product Development, Costinel Baicu-Petre plays a very important role in the day-to-day development and enhancements of SIMMS software.

As the top tier in SIMMS product offerings, he strives to maintain SIMMS’ growing market position as a superior accounting and inventory management software suite utilizing the latest Microsoft technology.

Costinel heads all R&D in addition to directing all programmers in their day-to-day activities working on SIMMS software, thereby ensuring that SIMMS remains up-to-date and more productive for tomorrow’s clients and marketplace.

Before coming to KCSI, he spent 10 years with one of the principal software development firms in Romania. As a top programmer, he successfully led client/server accounting and distribution software development, product design and quality assurance.

Costinel's knowledge and experience are impressive. Over the last several years, since obtaining a Bachelor degree in Computer Science – Information Technology, his skills in Clipper, Visual Basic, Postgre SQL, SQL Server, Microsoft .NET, database integration, FoxPro, Visual C++, C#, Delphi, Oracle, and SIMMS through-and-through show that Costinel can handle basically anything.

In addition to programming, Costinel has a thorough knowledge of hardware and operating systems.

Costinel's greatest asset is being able to assess a project.

His estimates are accurate and projects are completed in a timely fashion.