Seamless Accounts Payable Software Solution

SIMMS Inventory Management software’s Accounts Payable module provides a comprehensive solution for managing expenditures. In addition to processing your transactions and your obligations to vendors and creditors, Accounts Payable lets you employ flexible check writing capabilities while taking advantage of vendor discounts offered for invoices paid by (and before) a discount due date.

The informative analytics and financial reports including payables aging and future cash requirements information required for valuable business insights and decision-making.

If a business software is good enough to serve your business, it must have a strong Accounts Payable functionality. Balancing your needs is critical for you to meet commitments in a timely manner while not threatening day-to-day cash flow. Such important factors demand that you have more than an understanding family member with a check book.

You need to review all associated documents, select items for exclusion, and review cash requirements all on-screen before initiating a check run. With the SIMMS Accounts Payable software there is no need to relinquish control of your bank accounts and there are no surprises.

SIMMS helps you do the following:

  • Easily issue a check on demand and enter the payment in just one step
  • Display all transactions and their associated documents on screen
  • Support unlimited foreign currencies in real time
  • All transactions for a selected supplier are available (largest balance, purchases YTD and last year comparisons)
  • Individual supplier notes keep relevant data accessible
  • Edit individual checks and complete check runs on screen prior to approval and issuance
  • Edit documents any time prior to General Ledger interface

AP Payment Processing

The SIMMS accounts payable module enables you to process payments for your vendors enabling you to pay by cash, check, credit card and even an existing credit you may have with our easy to use vendor payment screen, and write on-the-fly checks in support of immediate invoice payments.

Accounts Payable Report Generator

With the SIMMS AP Report Generator you can easily retrieve the information you desire into a customizable report format.

Batch Check Processing

You can process batches of payments for existing invoices in your system with ease by using SIMMS' Intelligent AP Batch Check Printing window, which allows you to select which invoices from which vendors you want to include in the batch.

Currency Trader

The SIMMS Accounts Payable module enables you to pay your multi currency vendors through a third party payment processes or Currency Trader. You can easily track what you paid your Currency Trader in one currency and what invoices/vendors and currencies they paid your vendors in, associating the payments with the Vendor and the invoice, enabling you to maintain a precise and smooth financial flow.

Manual Vendor Invoices

You can easily write on-the-fly checks in support of immediate invoice payments, associate one payment with multiple existing or new on-the-fly invoice(s).


SIMMS' Purchasing tools help you keep your item details at hand, while allowing you to process partial orders quickly and letting you make decisions based on any variances you observe. Accuracy in costing is always in mind so that you can receive the best deals possible on each successive acquisition. Aging of stock and all item details are mapped once they are entered into the system.

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