Alternate Bill To and Ship To Addresses

Sometimes when a business buys an item for you they will ship it directly to you rather than shipping it to the place that paid for that item. It can also be used if you are sending a gift to somebody. This way you pay for the gift but you send it to the person who is receiving the gift. With SIMMS, you can quickly create and assign as many bill-to and ship-to addresses to your customers as you need. You can select one of the alternate ship-to or bill-to addresses assigned to a customer while performing a sales transaction.

Control your Customer's available credit with ease.

  • During a transaction, just pick the appropriate ship-to and bill-to address combination
  • When drop-shipping, you pick the customer you wish the order drop-shipped to and which ship-to location from their assigned ship-to locations
  • You can define as many ship-to and/or bill-to addresses as you want for yourself and your customers.

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