Accounts Payable Payment Processing Features

In SIMMS Inventory Software the Purchases tab on the vendor screen brings up a list of all purchases and payments made by you from the selected vendor, giving you the ability to drill down to the actual transaction enabling you to see all details quickly and easily.

Easily review and apply payments to vendor invoices from the Purchases tab as well and proceed to the many Accounts Payable Reports available in SIMMS, again from the same screen keeping you up to date on your purchasing status from one easy to use screen.

Processing your AP Payments has never been easier, select the payment method, enter the amount and associate with the appropriate invoice, or have the system auto allocate your payment if you desire. You can even opt to pay using an existing credit on file and much more.


SIMMS' Purchasing features keep your item details at hand, while partial orders can be processed quickly and users can make decisions based on any variances they observe. Accuracy in costing is always in mind so that users can receive the best deals possible on each successive aquisition. Aging of stock and all item details are mapped once they are entered into the system.

AP Payment Processing

The SIMMS accounts payable module enables you to process payments for your vendors enabling you to pay by cash, check, credit card and even an existing credit you may have with our easy to use vendor payment screen. and write "on-the-fly" checks in support of immediate invoice payments.

Manual Vendor Invoices

Write "on-the-fly" checks in support of immediate invoice payments, associate one payment with multiple existing or new "on-the-fly" invoice(s) with little effort.

Batch Check Processing

Process a batch of payments for existing invoices in your system with ease using our intelligent AP batch check printing interface enabling you to select what invoices from what vendors you wish to include in the batch.

Currency Trader

The SIMMS accounts payable module enables you to pay your multi currency vendors through a third party payment processes or "Currency Trader". You can easily track what you paid your Currency trader in one currency and what invoices/vendors and currencies they paid your vendors in, associating the payments with the Vendor and invoice enabling a flawless financial flow.

Accounts Payable Report Generator

With the SIMMS AP Report Generator you can easily retrieve the information you desire.

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