Automated SKU Management and Generation

SIMMS 2014’ SKU Configurator can be used to establish the composition of the SKU number. You can choose some characters from the inventory item's category, subcategory, vendor's part number, manufacturer’s – or vendor’s – name, and add them to the SKU number's format structure. You can also choose to make an auto-generated number part of the SKU if your needs require. You can also choose to designate how many items have been created under a category and assign that particular Item Incremented Number anywhere within the configuration of the SKU number.

Samples of the components of SKU configuration you can make are as follows:

  • the first two characters of a category
  • a five-character Item Incremented Number
  • the first three characters of a subcategory
  • the first four characters of a manufacturer
  • a four-character automatically-generated number for a vendor
  • Thus, a specific example of an SKU could be as follows:

  • The category of a computer: CM (for COMPUTERS)
  • The 40th item configured under the category: 00040
  • The subcategory: FAN (for FANS)
  • The manufacturer: PHILL (for PHILLIPS)
  • The vendor: Ingram Micro (with an automatically generated code of 0009)

  • Finally, the resultant SKU would be: CM00040FANPHILL0009.

If versatile and precise SKU configuration is important to your business then SIMMS 2014 is the ideal solution. Please Contact KCSI by phone at 604-504-7936 or by e-mail so we can help you take the first steps towards the solution you have been seeking.

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