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SIMMS 2014 enables you to manage and control the numerous banking requirements you have in your business. SIMMS’ level of accuracy will help you reduce your overhead and maintain your bottom line.

You can edit and add bank accounts and credit cards, enter cash and deposits, transfer funds, enter cheque and credit card transactions, as well as reconcile cash, cheques and credit cards. In addition, you can void checks, reconcile deposits and make direct deposits.


Bank Reconciliation

SIMMS' Bank Reconciliation module takes the hassle out of performing bank and credit card reconciliations.

Enter Credit Card Charge Transactions

Coordinate your credit card entries and split the amounts between accounts if needed.

Manage Bank and Credit Card Accounts

In SIMMS, adding bank and credit card accounts is quick and accurate with our easy-to-use wizard.

Process Deposits

Enter, edit and track any type of deposit quickly.

Process Cash Purchase Transactions

Process your cash purchases and plan out payments and receipts as you decide.

Transfer Funds

Move funds between accounts as necessary with our quick-and-easy interface.

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