Accounts Receivable Check Entry - Money Back to Customer

With SIMMS Accounts Receivable Check Entry - Money back to customer option enables you to easily write checks to your customer in order to repay credits they may have on file, matching the payment to the credit record in the process.

Full Featured Accounts Receivable Solution for Maximum Business Insights

SIMMS Accounts Receivable tracks receivables, plans cash flow, and provides extensive information and reporting features to give you vital business insights to plan for the future.

The multiple features of the SIMMS Accounts Receivable module allow financial accounting, use of multiple bank accounts, audit trails, the ability to add new customers and codes “on-the-fly,” automatic processing of repetitive billing, statement printing on standard or custom forms, advanced sales tax support, extensive reporting, and more.

A comprehensive module, SIMMS Accounts Receivable also integrates with the General Ledger, Invoicing, Inventory Management, Bank Reconciliation and e-store. And, of course, the KCSI customer and technical support teams back you 100 percent.?

SIMMS Accounts Receivable Software Solution Features

SIMMS Inventory Management Software offers a progressive series of modules and many industry-specific add-ons. Our integrated inventory management, accounting, estore, customer relationships management (CRM), distribution, and manufacturing software helps you transform data into the business insights your organization needs to prosper.

The Accounts Receivable module gives you the data and reporting ability to make sound business decisions for the future, by efficiently managing cash flow today

Payment Processing

The SIMMS accounts receivable module enables you to process payments for your customers enabling your customers to pay by cash, check, credit card and even an existing credit they may have with our easy to use customer payment screen.

Check Entry - Money Back to Customer

Write "on-the-fly" checks with little effort enabling you with the abilities to pay your customers back credits due as required.

Advanced Sales Tax

Canadian GST/PST, tax schedules for multiple jurisdictions, and tax-on-tax calculations are all part of this feature.

Credit Card Processing

SIMMS Software has Partnered with Synapse Gateway in order to provide you streamlined credit card processing capabilities within SIMMS

International Address Capability

Customer master files include multiple address lines to handle international numbers: country code, international postal codes, and an expanded telephone number field.

Credit Card Processing for Cash Receipts

Posting of credit card payments can be done with ease in the AR payment screen.


From easy to use sales quotes through to sales orders to reserve stock all the way to invoicing to deplete stock SIMMS Software handles all your sales needs.

Invoice History Printing

Prints history invoices for customer numbers, invoice numbers and invoice dates. Reprint Accounts Receivable, invoices separately or invoices from the drill-down screen in invoice history.

Cash Receipts Processing

Automatically applies cash receipts against the oldest invoices or against specific invoices. It enables you to post miscellaneous cash receipts directly against general ledger accounts and process any prepayments against invoices not yet recorded.

Statement Printing

Print statements for a billing cycle, for example monthly or quarterly, on standard or custom forms for all customers or for a specific customer.


In SIMMS Inventory Software you can assign memos to specific customers, view attachments associated with the memo in addition establishing expiration dates.

AR Report Generator

With the SIMMS AR Report Generator you can easily retrieve the information you desire.

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