Canadian Modular Building Systems (CMBS)

Canadian Modular Building Systems (CMBS)
is a home manufacturer changing the way homes are built for the better, CMBS homes are built to the strict codes of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Pre-engineered, strict code enforcement and indoor construction keep the integrity of the building materials and the construction process from being compromised while assuring you of an on-budget, on-time delivery of your home.

Location: Vegreville, Alberta

Industry: Manufacturing


  • Previous inventory software solutions were limited in their kitting and logistics abilities to meet the heavy demands of a house building plant.
  • Limited visibility into material usage and demands
  • Limited ability to tie labour and material costing into the finished product quickly and accurately

Other Software considered:

  • Custom Vertical Software
  • Sage
  • Great Plains
  • several others

Results with SIMMS Inventory Software

  • Intuitive and accurate Kitting (BOM), Time & Billing made tracking time and materials simple and quick.
  • The ability to use the advanced project management functions tied into kitting made one-off project tracking simple
  • CMBS can now tell what has been done on a house build, what has to still be done, and most importantly the cost to date per house on the production line.

“We needed a system that was not burdensome for our production team and would track and manage the movement of inventory from receipt to usage, the ability to see what items and labour was used in what house build in order to track the cost to date per house on the production line was very important. SIMMS Software provided us with the best means to do that.”

Judy Huston (Accounting - CMBS)

“Some solutions we considered lacked the adaptability we needed, and others were way too complicated and burdensome. SIMMS Software was able to provide us exactly what we were looking for.”

Dave Jones (IT Manager – CMBS)


The Results:

Implementing SIMMS Inventory Software has given CMBS reliable efficient insight into all materials/project management including materials and labour utilized per build and Stage within build reducing the manual burden of guess work, reporting and other administrative tasks freeing up more time for management to spend in other areas, what used to take days to report on now takes seconds.

SIMMS brought powerful kitting (BOM) to CMBS, which were further refined by customization to meet the unique demands of the house building industry, with the new production management enhancements added to kitting you can now start a project without a kit schema and add materials/labour as required associating them to a house build and stage within the build giving management a true picture of what each stage within a house build is costing them and what has been done thus far.

KCSI customized the Data collector module for us so we can even associate items to a stage/house build remotely from a hand held data collector making the job of the shipper much easier when moving materials around the floor.

“Our goal is to track the materials, purchasing requirements, labour used per stage within the house build without slowing down the production staff and SIMMS Inventory Software has delivered.”

The Challenges:

Like many manufacturers with high-value products the requirement to track materials and labour used for each stage of manufacturing without slowing down production is very important, with material prices rising and the dollar fluctuating in value it is important to know where we are every step of the way.

Management required the ability to build complexed kits within kits and track one-off builds on the fly, they also required the ability to quickly see at any given time what a stage within a house build was costing them so far. Additionally due to heavy fluctuation in material costs management required the ability to be alerted from the system automatically when costs fluctuated past a certain percentile or dollar amount in order to address vendor issues before they get too costly.

The Solution:

After considering many competing solutions, CMBS selected KCSI and their SIMMS Inventory Software solution to bring order to their manufacturing plant. “Some solutions we considered lacked the functionality we needed in one way or another, and others were just unable to provide us the personalized customization service within the time frame we had, KCSI showed us they were willing to stand behind their product, fly down meet us face-to-face, assess our needs and provide a solution we wanted the way we wanted.”

"Already SIMMS Inventory Software has helped meet our demands as we expected. Now we are focusing on increasing our production in the plant knowing what our costs are along the way thanks to SIMMS Inventory Software."

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