Customer Accounts Receivable Transaction Scroll Down

From the Contact Manager's Sales tab within SIMMS Inventory Management software you have important customer historical information instantly at your fingertips. Keeping your finger on your customers pulse at all times from one easy-to-use window.

With SIMMS, you can:

  • Open numerous Accounts Receivable reports in SIMMS from the same window
  • Quickly monitor your customer's invoice summary information, quotes and sales orders, as well as related dates of transactions, document numbers, order numbers, statuses of transaction, nets, freights, taxes, total values and balances owing for each transaction by clicking a button. If, however, you wish to drill down to the details of specific transactions you have the flexibility to do so
  • Instantly review outstanding credits owed to the customer using drill-down capabilities so that you can ascertain how the credits became due
  • Easily review payments associated to customer invoices from the Sales tab along with important information such as, payment number, date of payment, total payment amount, discount and interest paid, check number and comment associated with each payment with the added ability to apply a payment with the click of a button
  • Immediately see any customer balance that is owing

Customer information at your fingertips is a professional task supplied only by a professional software solution designed by professionals. SIMMS is the perfect inventory management solution for you and your business.

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