Automated Inventory Item Reorder Points

With SIMMS, you can define automatic inventory item reorder points per location in a snap, using the economic or maximum stock level requirement settings assigning the reorder point, order quantity, minimum order quantity and maximum on hand values, you can even determine replenishment quantities above demand (Sales Orders)

Once your items hit their reorder points you will be alerted to create an automatic Purchase Order based on the values entered in your reorder point configuration using the automated PO function or the Replenishment Manager.

The Re-Order Point functionality found in SIMMS inventory software provides you with a listing of products and quantities that are needed for stock. The recommendation is based on Re-Order Points that are setup in each Inventory Record along with Demand.

The Re-Order Point screen will check the On Hand Quantity, subtract Customer Sales Orders and add in Open Purchase Orders to get the Available Quantity. The Available Quantity will then be compared to the Re-Order Point. If the Available Quantity is equal to or less than the Re-Order Point, the system will suggest a Quantity Required to get your Available Quantity up to the Re-Order Point, or up to the Maximum Quantity to Stock.

There are a number of options that are offered. These will be explained below:

Include Sales Orders in Calculation – If you have Sales Orders entered for any items in the range that you selected you would normally want the system to take those orders into consideration. When calculating the Available Quantity, Sales Orders will be deducted from your On Hand Quantities when you answer Yes to this question.

Include Purchase Orders in Calculation – If you have Purchase Orders that have not been received for the range of products you have selected, you would typically want the system to consider those as part of Available. When calculating the Available Quantity, Purchase orders will be added to your On Hand Quantities when you answer Yes to this question.

Default Vendor – Your default vendor will be displayed next to the item to be reordered in the grid, you can opt to view all or just items that have to be reordered from a specific default vendor.

Locations & Quantities – of course, the report includes a total quantity on hand in a column so you can tell what the actual item qty status is in the location your shortage exists in.

Category– You can view the items that have to be reordered one category at a time if need be.

SIMMS removes the guess work out of inventory management, never suffer stock outages again.

IF defining and utilizing inventory item automatic reorder points is important to you then SIMMS is the correct solution. So what are you waiting for? contact us (604-504-7936) by phone or by e-mail ( so we can help you take the first steps towards the solution you have been seeking.

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