SIMMS Inventory Management Software

Benefitting from Three Major Design Advantages over Competitors

A practical choice in a dynamic world

We often make proud claims about how versatile and powerful SIMMS Inventory Management software is. We know it will benefit your company’s inventory control. To substantiate this, we reveal how we use state-of-the-art technology and innovative design philosophies to create a practical, day-to-day thoroughbred, smoothly and swiftly proving itself to be the most irreplaceable inventory management asset for your company.

Our goals for SIMMS extended beyond merely creating a product with countless features and tools. Our intent was to answer the most common concerns of companies across the world.

SIMMS is simple enough to be mastered by a high-school student at a cash register, but can be utilized completely to meet the detailed and precise requirements of a Chief Information Officer. SIMMS does not require months of training or years of customization before it delivers a significant return on your investment.

We have always focused on the concept that if accountants designed the product, it might not meet the demands of the other departments of an enterprise, and if technical people designed it, users would probably also have to be trained by software engineers. Business owners and managers are responsible for the efficiency and harmony between all departments, so if SIMMS was designed from their perspective, retaining emphasis on their requirements and concerns in, it could not fail to provide the solution for the expectations of anyone who used it.

Having designed a robust, high-end product, we realized that it could possibly get quite complicated from the point of view of daily users, which would ultimately label it as impractical. With this in mind, we took special care to minimize the dependence of the business on database administrators, custom developers and consultants. It will always be obvious to us that business personnel need to focus on the core business and not be forced to learn and understand technical jargon in order to run the business efficiently.

SIMMS 2014 is the best version of SIMMS there ever has been. And with each new service pack and each new added enhancement or feature, it continues to just get better and better. Design has been SIMMS’ advantage since its very first version. Why not grow with the software and use it for the life of your business as it grows and expands.

  • The development of SIMMS Inventory Management Software was started later than that in most other companies. While most other solutions are written in platforms such as Visual Basic or CGI, starting later allowed us to develop SIMMS using the latest superior development languages that include Microsoft.NET™, Microsoft Visual C#, C++® and Microsoft SQL Server Technology.

  • We were not limited by the need to maintain compatibility with the legacy systems of the 1980s, which imposed limitations in their design, growth and compatibility.

  • With the availability of hand-held computing, SIMMS inventory software continues to prove its adaptability to new technologies, helping to assure you of a solution that will keep you competitive as your business evolves.