SIMMS E-Store Everything You Need For E-Commerce Success

E-Commerce Has Now E-volved!

SIMMS Estore® provides a multi-featured and secure e-commerce ASP.NET shopping cart solution for multi-channel online sales. It features seamless integration with SIMMS, a leading accounting, fulfillment and POS (point of sale) system. KCSI also offers professional support to aid in customization, marketing, operation and setup of your online store.

Small merchants just getting started or high-volume retailers or wholesalers can all benefit from the streamlining and upgrading of your online operations, and SIMMS Estore ® can provide an e-commerce solution that meets your needs.


SIMMS Inventory Management ERP System integration enables a seamless link between online shopping carts and offline processes

KCSI’s Estore ® e-commerce platform solution integrates the new SIMMS StoreFront shopping cart platform with SIMMS Inventory Management and Accounting software as well as the CRMUnleashed® system. These new possibilities empower online merchants the integration of many of their important offline systems with their online operations, thus optimizing the processes and reducing the costs associated with growing their online channels for sales.

Analysts recommend that to be successful online, retailers must replace existing disconnected shopping cart software with new e-commerce platforms that integrate with their crucial back office systems. By offering integrations that allow merchants to synchronize their online and offline processes (including order details, inventory, product and customer information), SIMMS Estore ® is leading the market in addressing this demand.

System Requirements

  • ASP.NET 3.5
  • Built in page and data caching (optional enabled)
  • Databases Supported
  • FAST SQL option on queries (can increase query performance by 100%)
  • MSDE Supported
  • Support for non U.S. locales (e.g. en-GB, sv-SE, etc). Support for foreign date-time formats (non US locales)
  • Support for SQL Server locale different than Web Server Locale (important for international sites on us hosted servers)
  • All Microsoft Operating systems

For more information on SIMMS Estore ®, contact KCSI at email sales or 604-504-7936

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