Inventory Item Expiration Date Tracking

SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management software is an expiration date tracking system that delivers powerful and comprehensive purchasing, lot management and tracking, and sales software solution.


The tracking of foods or beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or consumer packaged goods will, in some ways, become important to many industries. The tracking and online visibility of inventory shelf lives and associated expiration dates will enable marketing and sales personnel to proactively move these products before their expiration. To automatically allocate inventory to sales orders and production processes on a first-expire-first-out basis (FEFO) becomes more important when you are dealing with volume.

SIMMS' versatile Expiration Date tracking features are as follows:

  • Assign expiration dates to items during or immediately after receiving items.
  • Drill down to purchase orders where received or invoices where sold.
  • Easily assign/sell items with expiration dates after the order is invoiced.
  • Items with expiration dates can be entered or sold randomly or sequentially.
  • SIMMS will automatically prompt you to reorder inventory with expiration dates prior to the item expiring.
  • Using the Quick Stock Window, you have a nice easy-to-read snapshot of the current status of a selected item, including all of its expiration dates, in all of its storage locations.

If utilizing expiration date tracking within your stock management solution, sales and purchasing transactions are crucial to your company’s business, then contact KCSI at 604-504-7936 or e-mail us today for more information about SIMMS 2014.

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