Inventory Control System and Supply Management Software

In today's fierce competitive business world, management needs to aim beyond survival. If your goal is to lead the pack in your competitive market, you'll need versatile inventory management software with multiple features like lot control, kitting, serial number tracking, item replenishment, item fulfillment and overall inventory management that are second to none -- accurate, easy-to-use, and muscular to help you gain and hold that lead.

SIMMS Inventory Software provides the robust functionality you need retain control of your profits. SIMMS Software has a proven track record of helping firms in all industries for over thirteen years to manage their business more efficiently, providing comprehensive business software solutions for a wide array of companies.

Below are just some of the reasons you might consider using SIMMS Inventory Software in your business:

SIMMS Inventory Control System Features

Inventory Control System Features :

Companies need to maximize their potential, inventory management needs to be easy and efficient. As the world changes and modernizes, companies need an ERP software solution that improves and optimizes the opportunities that come their way. SIMMS Inventory Software makes precise inventory control simple and immediate at an affordable price, with SIMMS ERP Software you can easily see what your stock status is to the minute.

Apparel Inventory Software

Apparel Inventory Software Features:

Effectively manage apparel and footwear styles using one item number with multiple color and size labels with the Apparel Matrix Inventory feature

Contact Management Features

Contact Management Features :

When a customer calls to request a quote or place an order, lots of information must be handy. With SIMMS, the customer's sales history, payment history, mailing addresses and shipping addresses, availability of specific units in inventory, or alternate items if those being ordered are out of stock — all such knowledge is instant. Additionally, item pricing, quantity pricing, specific customer pricing, costs, and much more will be easily accessible.

Accounting Features

Accounting Features :

If you are looking for a highly reliable accounting software solution then look no further than SIMMS Accounting Software, SIMMS accounting software is a robust series of applications & features covering all areas of business management. The software product is designed exclusively for medium to large-sized mid-market businesses with 10 to over 1,000 employees. The solution boasts an advanced financial management solution, which forms the foundation for the entire suite of applications. Beyond the solution's core accounting functionality, SIMMS Software includes advanced budgeting, advanced allocations, multi currency management, currency trader management, advanced banking, budgeting, fixed asset management and cash management capabilities.

Kitting(BOM) Features

Kitting(BOM) Features :

The SIMMS Kitting module is designed for use by manufacturers whose goods are often resold in many different configurations. with the SIMMS (Kitting) BOM Software solution you can build complexed assemblies within assemblies, tracking the component and labour costs in the process giving you a more accurate value of your finished product. SIMMS Kitting Software is one of the most powerful kitting applications in the market today with the power to phantom kit, standard kit or even kit on the fly with the help of Kitting Project Management.

Purchasing Features

Purchasing Features :

Every time you order goods from your vendors, contracts to buy are created. The SIMMS Purchasing Software functionality helps you keep accurate records of these very important transactions. With every order, you need to specify (and keep track of) shipping method, date required and the name of the person with whom the order was placed. In addition, you need to confirm the quantities ordered and price per item. This module streamlines and organizes the entire purchasing process.

Sales Features

Sales Features :

Inventory management requires you to get stock where you need it, and this is never more true than when it comes to your customers. You need to move the goods to them and spend time finding more of them. With SIMMS sales software you can now accurately sell product to your clients with ease, you always know what you have in stock and where, what your GM is so you can discount where required without fear of cutting your profit out of your deals, whether by sales orders, quotes or invoices, you need to swiftly complete your sales transactions, automate the calculation of sales commissions and deplete stock from many locations, SIMMS Sales software gives you this ability.

Service and Returns Features

Service and Returns Features :

SIMMS RMA Software Solution offers a competitive edge for distributors and manufacturers, the service and return features found in SIMMS Software create a completely integrated return management solution that saves time, boosts customer satisfaction and gives you a real competitive advantage.

Technology Features

Technology Features :

SIMMS Supports the latest operating systems and server technology, SIMMS is based upon a three-tier client/server-based application that separates the database, business logic and user interface. The languages and technology used are Microsoft SQL, C#, ADO, C++, and Microsoft.NET™.

Shipping and Receiving Features

Shipping and Receiving Features :

SIMMS Shipping Software Solution streamlines shipping and receiving operations facilitating quicker processing and the ability to track important additional information required for shipments.

Reporting Features

Reporting Features :

Create and customize presentation-quality reports from SIMMS Inventory Software data with Crystal Reports for SIMMS. Crystal Reports is a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) report writer that enables the creation of meaningful reports quickly and easily. Use sample reports straight out of the box or customize them as need be, then save and run them. anytime.

>Multi-Currency Features

Multi-Currency Features :

The SIMMS Multi-Currency software solution delivers powerful and comprehensive Multi currency accounting, purchasing and sales functionality.

Data Collecting Features

Data Collecting Features :

For those companies that require mobility on the warehouse floor, the ability to pick stock, do stock adjustments, receive purchase orders and transfer stock from location to location all on a remote data collector look no further than the SIMMS Windows Mobile Software Solution, SIMMS Windows Mobile Software is compatible with almost any Windows Mobile 5 or newer device and offers a batch or wireless-based inventory software Solution...

Visual Import Software Features

Visual Import Software Features :

Importing Data into SIMMS Inventory Software has been simplified with the SIMMS Visual Import Manager, this module provides a comprehensive solution for importing your important inventory item data, customer/vendor data in addition to quotes, all from an easy to use program - Visual Import Manager.

Manufacturer Lot Tracking Features

Manufacturer Lot Tracking Features :

The ability to track component lots from raw material to finished product shipped to customers is a key requirement for many companies. SIMMS Inventory Software provides the ability to receive lots, manufacture lots and track the movement of your lotted items, SIMMS handles lot traceability providing where-used and lots-used visibility. An optional feature is the ability to designate a group of attributes that can be collected and tracked for each lot. These attributes follow the lot for the history of the lot record in the system, providing for historical quality references even after shipment.

Fulfillment Manager Features

Fulfillment Manager Features :

If you process 10 or more sales orders a day you must have the SIMMS Fulfillment Module, this feature simplifies the order fulfillment process for mass orders enabling you to spend more time on making sales and less time on the paperwork required to process them.

Servicing Features

Servicing Features :

The SIMMS Servicing Software is a must have for any company doing any type of servicing work, from oil changes to aerospace machine shops you can now easily commit items and labor to a service job, modify the markups to provide you the most pricing flexibility possible.

>E-Store Features

E-Store Features :

SIMMS StoreFront offers secure, feature-rich e-commerce shopping cart solutions for multi-channel online sales, featuring integration with leading Accounting, Point of Sale, and Fulfillment systems like SIMMS Software. And we offer the professional services to help setup, customize, operate, and market your online store.

Work Order Features

Work Order Features :

The SIMMS Work Order module is the cornerstone of the system's Manufacturing Solution. It enables you to issue work orders, assemble Kits, develop schedules and track costs associated with the manufacturing process.

Serial Number Tracking Features

Serial Number Tracking Features :

The SIMMS Serial number tracking software gives you the capability to assign more than one serial number to your inventory items along with a comment and manufacturer lot giving you the capability to track where your serialized items have moved in the system.

Barcode Printing Features

Barcode Printing Features :

Barcode printing is one of the most important aspects of inventory control and our professionals can assist in the decision making process. From thermal and dot matrix barcode printers to sophisticated 2D barcode scanners and 2D data collectors, we offer expert guidance, so you can make an educated decision and understand what options are available.

In today's fiercely competitive business world, management should aim beyond survival at market leadership. You need all the help you can get. While you may know the fundamental operations of your business better than we can ever hope to know, no one is better equipped to establish a cost effective inventory control solution tailored to your unique business operations better than we do.

Discover SIMMS...Industry-Leading Inventory Control Program In today's fiercely competitive business world, management should aim beyond survival at market leadership. You need all the help you can get. While you may know the fundamental operations of your business better than we can ever hope to know, no one is better equipped to establish a cost effective inventory control solution tailored to your unique business operations better than we do.

Precise inventory control is an essential part of the operation of a successful, well-organized company and successful businesses require timely and accurate information on your receipts of goods, the movement of goods within or between locations, the sale, removal or other disposition of goods, and the precise valuation and status of goods remaining in inventory at any point in time down to the bin status, color, size, style, lot numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates remaining in stock. If you run out of stock, you will lose sales. If you have too much stock, the lack of cash flow will hurt you.

SIMMS Inventory Control Software is designed to provide you with accurate information on all aspects of inventory to ensure that the software tools are available to manage and control inventory in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Achieve an edge over your competitors SIMMS can provide companies with an additional edge over competitors who are unable to access the same strategic information. It has been designed to accommodate the needs of both large and small businesses, giving everyone in the company total control and access, depending on the permissions assigned to the user, wherever they are—in a warehouse, in an office, behind a cash register, working from home, working from a remote location half way around the world, in a service truck, in front of a customer, at the loading/receiving dock, or in transit from one location to another.

Track inventory with SIMMS inventory control software. See what you sold, what you need to order and what should be left in stock. SIMMS can be interfaced with various portable data collectors and your computer. It captures the data from these devices, automatically updates the data base, sends the information directly to SIMMS, all at the touch of a button.

SIMMS Software 's Inventory Control maximizes your Inventory Management benefits. SIMMS provides a complete inventory management solution for you, controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring adequate supplies, increasing warehouse productivity, and significantly reducing paper flow. SIMMS Software's ability to input and track manufacturer's serial numbers, generate and print internal barcodes, and track true cost and warranty sets it apart from any other inventory system.

Inventory Control Software that's Easy to configure and customize SIMMS is easy for any user to configure and customize utilizing several user-defined fields available within the program, eliminating the need to change lines of code at installation. This translates into a reduction of implementation time, and eliminates the possibility of bugs being added inadvertently. Now, there is finally the option of giving any business all the help it will ever need in terms of complete inventory control. Your business can have that affordable yet powerful inventory management program that you have always wanted.

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