SIMMS’ Order Fulfillment

SIMMS Order Fulfillment Module

If your business processes ten or more sales orders per day you should take advantage of SIMMS’ Order Fulfillment Module, which simplifies Order Fulfillment for bulk ordering and gives you more time to generate sales and saves you time shuffling paperwork. The Order Fulfillment Module works in combination with the Sales Order Manager, in which your unfulfilled sales orders are listed while awaiting orders to be picked and invoiced; from it, you can manage all the stock items currently on sales orders into invoices, being referred to as “Recalculating the Fill Quantity” (a fill quantity is an item’s quantity on a sales order). If you encounter shortages you generate a purchase order for the shortages from that window, using a single mouse click to produce purchase orders for all shortages related to several orders at the same time. One advantage before you is you can see alternate locations that may have the items you need, and in a single and simple following step, you can transfer stock from the locations holding the items to the locations you need them in order to fill the order.

With the Order Fulfillment Module, you can:

  • View the current sales demands in one simple, customizable grid
  • View the customers, item descriptions, order numbers, proposed ship dates, quantities on purchase orders and quantities ordered, and many more details
  • Generate purchase orders for item shortages related to many orders at one time
  • Process invoices for many sales orders at once filling them in the process
  • Process picking sheets for several orders in a single session
  • Transfer stock items between locations for mass orders, filling them from all available locations, all at once

Sales Invoicing

You can generate new invoices, or invoice from an entire sales order or partially issue a sales order as much as required until the entire sales order has been issued, thereby creating separate invoices for the filling of each partial sales order.

Sales Orders

Sales orders let you complete sales for your customers by reserving the stock instead of depleting it, which further lets you invoice and ship against the initial order, both in part or as a whole.

Sales Quotes

SIMMS provides a robust Quoting Module to provide your sales team the tools they need to close the sale – item costs can be seen, quoted prices can be increased by a decided percentile over their respective costs, and many more details can be seen and handled quickly and accurately.

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