SIMMS General Ledger Software Solution

Ease of use and powerful attributes found in the SIMMS General Ledger Software Solution

The adaptable design of the SIMMS General Ledger module enables you to use your current chart of accounts or create a new chart of account structure from over a dozen industry-specific selections, making implementation quick and easy.

The SIMMS General Ledger module has many powerful features to help you efficiently manage your general ledger, including flexible accounting periods, the ability to maintain non-financial information, comprehensive search criteria, allocation entries, and the ability to view information in the form of bar charts or graphs.

Maintaining multiple companies and departments across various currencies and tax regimes is no problem. With full integration to the rest of the system, this module not only collects all data, but also enables you to view it in any manner you would like. Keep multi-currency transactions straight and simple with a central currency table. Create your own financial statements, tap into quantity and statistical posting for non-dollar amount reporting, even link budgeting tools with spreadsheet programs. This is one of the most powerful General Ledger modules available at any price

SIMMS General Ledger Software Solution

  • Easily add new divisions or companies -- true multi-company capability
  • Summarize accounts by category across multiple companies or divisions
  • Retain an unlimited number of years of data
  • Create default distribution for periodic entries
  • Create budgets by account and by entity for either an annual amount or period-by-period
  • Design a financial statement format to meet your specific reporting needs
  • Select and summarize data for a particular General Ledger account
  • Easily recreate the distribution of any entry
  • Comprehensive business management

General Ledger offers many ways to help you easily complete the myriad and complex general ledger tasks, including integration with all other SIMMS modules to provide comprehensive business management and vital insight into your financial condition.

Accounts Payable Software Solution

With several options to streamline your approval process, automate vendor-related tasks, and simplify voucher entry, this module also accommodates multiple vendor addresses, multi-year history retention, automatic payment selection, check printing and more.

Accounts Receivable Software Solution

By effectively automating and managing your collections process, the Accounts Receivable module improves your cash flow and customer satisfaction. Gain complete control of your receivables and invoicing processes, and add automatic calculations to your procedure to avoid errors and duplicate entry. Among other benefits, extensive drill-down capabilities provide a means for quick communication with customers.

Banking, Bank Rec. and Cash Management

Quickly and accurately reconcile all of your bank accounts, in addition to perform bank transactions with pinpoint accuracy. This module integrates with the other SIMMS Software financial modules for automatic cash transactions and secure record keeping that flows through your entire system.

General Ledger

The General Ledger module for SIMMS Software puts you in firm control of your financial data by providing quick access to your critical data. You can process inter-company transactions, establish flexible accounting periods and budgets, perform future posting and more.

Canadian Payroll Software Solution

Easypay Payroll is a Canadian software product developed and supported in Canada. Easypay is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and SIMMS Software offers a direct interface to this Canadian Payroll solution.

Multi-currency Management

Rich multi currency and analysis capabilities optimize your international opportunities. You can maintain an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rate schedules, leveraging the ability to update exchange rates daily, and post realized and unrealized gains or losses due to currency fluctuations.

Accounting Software Link

Accounting Software Link for Use with SIMMS provides access to SIMMS information from within Simply Accounting, QuickBooks Canadian, USA and Australia versions in addition to MYOB Australia. Users can view SIMMS Invoices, Credits, Sales Summary, Payments, Bills, and other transactions for any linked contact in their accounting packages.

Financial Reporting

SIMMS General Ledger offers virtually unlimited financial reporting capabilities. The General Ledger module simplifies divisional/ departmental reporting and income statement printing within a standard, predefined set of financial statements and report formats.

Flexible Chart of Account Structure

Create an account structure to fit your business needs with up to 30 characters and 10 segments. Or choose from over a dozen industry-specific charts of accounts.


Maintain and enforce budgets with ease, transfer budget amounts from one account to another.

Inventory Depreciation Software

SIMMS Inventory Depreciation software addresses your Asset Management Challenges.

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