Hong Lu - Software Developer

As a SIMMS Software developer, Hong plays a very important role in the development of SIMMS Inventory software.

She strives to maintain SIMMS’ growing market position as a superior accounting and inventory management software suite utilizing the latest Microsoft technology.

Before coming to KCSI, she spent over three years working as a software developer for Sage ACCPAC, she implemented and improved the Sage ACCPAC ERP system Project and Job Costing (PJC) module three versions’ major features in both views by C/C++ and UI by VB. The features include PJC-Accounting Payable integration, including PJC-Accounting Receivable integration, PJC-Serialized Inventory/Lot Tracking integration, PJC-Inventory Control integration, PJC-Purchase Order integration, Material Usage/Material Return, Timecard, Costs, A/R Billing worksheet and Revenue Recognition.

Hong's knowledge and experience in both software development and ERP, inventory, accounting software requirements are impressive. Her programming skills are nothing short of amazing. Her skills in C#, C/C++, VBA, SQL and SIMMS through-and-through show that Hong can handle basically anything and has proven herself to be a valuable asset to the KCSI team and SIMMS Software Suite.