SIMMS Industrial Equipment Inventory Software and Accounting System

Industrial Equipment, Supply, & Service - Comprehensive Industrial Equipment Inventory Software and Accounting System

SIMMS is a comprehensive inventory management system that enables you to track equipment information such as type, manufacturer, model, age, date purchased and sold, purchase, asking and sold prices, condition, etc.

SIMMS Industrial Equipment Inventory Software

SIMMS ERP for Industrial Equipment, Supply, & Service provides a comprehensive business software solution for companies that support the manufacturing backbone of today’s market. Whether you produce custom-built manufacturing equipment, distribute MRO (Maintenance, Repair, & Operations) supplies, or provide maintenance SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for production machinery, this solution simplifies your everyday processes. More importantly, it goes beyond your core operations; SIMMS Industrial Equipment Inventory Software, provides world-class business intelligence, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Fixed Asset Management

Shop Floor Control

With SIMMS Inventory Software for Industrial Equipment, Supply, & Service you can capture labor and production information via terminal entry or in real time with the convenience of handheld devices. The customizable shop floor menu is designed for use with touch screen technology. Since virtually any shop floor activity can be set up in the menu, management will have centralized control of all activities. Employees can log on to Work Order Inquiry to get more-detailed information, such as schedule dates and step detail. Security levels, such as view-only privileges, are also active when using the built in bar coding functionality to scan work order numbers and steps for automatic logons. With multimedia buttons, employees can view any multimedia or CAD attachments for the work order. To ensure that machine downtime is minimized, you can set up preventive maintenance schedules, calibration activities, and required inspections. This positions your organization to experience extended life cycles of equipment and increased customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a wholesale distributor, inventory is one of your major assets. Managing this component of your operation requires a robust and fully integrated solution, and SIMMS Industrial Equipment Inventory Software is designed to answer the call. From advanced inventory replenishment to three-step multiple warehouse transfers, or wireless bar code scanning to multi-zone/multi-bin warehouse tracking, you’ll have every tool at your disposal to effectively and efficiently manage your inventory. If you also manage replacement parts used in field service management, SIMMS Inventory Software for Industrial Equipment, Supply, & Service ensures that the right parts are available at the right time. This improves first-call resolution rates for service calls, enabling on-time adherence to extended service contracts and preventive maintenance agreements.

Service Management

SIMMS Industrial Equipment Inventory Software efficiently manages the servicing component of your turnkey solutions. This includes: CRM Unleashed - call center management, maintaining customer and service history, tracking of service request orders and escalations, scheduling and dispatch of field technicians, controlling traceable and consumable parts inventory, and tracking of warranties and service contracts. Record keeping of parts and time utilized on service calls provides for accurate billing, and integration of data into back-end accounting enables for total visibility and analytics of key performance indicators. Project Accounting enables for the longer-term service engagements, such as installations, when additional planning and special cost tracking must be applied.

Financials, CRM, & HR

Financials SIMMS Industrial Equipment Inventory Software provides strength and reliability from the core accounting modules: GL, AP, and AR. This robust, flexible, and scalable end-to-end management solution also delivers stable and proven applications to raise the bar of excellence in the areas of Accounting and fixed assets. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) This is another way to stay ahead of your competitors. Proactively seeking new customers, and maintaining strong relationships with the customers you’ve worked so hard to win, is a constant endeavor. Your business can thrive with an integrated set of tools like those provided in our integrated CRM solution (, to keep track of your relationships, status of various campaigns, and integrated customer-product order history.

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