Inventory Item Alias

With SIMMS, you have the capability of assigning your items as many aliases as you require, and then relating your aliases to particular customers, vendors or within your own inventory system. This gives you the chance to purchase items by using your vendors' aliases and then later sell items using your customers' aliases. Same item, but as many aliases as you need or want to use.

SIMMS Inventory Management software enables you to assign aliases – different 'names' for your items – and then assign them as either general, customer, or vendor aliases. When you create an alias the SIMMS system knows exactly the inventory item to which you are referring. Your business may label an item as a 'fizzbin'...your customers may call it a 'moobie', while from your vendor it may be called a 'gazzlestick'.

All three – and many more – can be aliases for the same item in SIMMS.

Aliases can be very useful in the following cases:

  • You want to name your product differently in your storefront than how it is physically labeled;
  • Your product is sold under different names on multiple storefronts or marketplaces.

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