Inventory Item Images

SIMMS Inventory Management software helps you manage item images. It includes features to assign numerous images to their inventory items, and to assign one image as the default one to be displayed in the Item Manager window. Item images make it easier for employees to visually identify items within the warehouse, and enable managers to build (if desired) a catalog for use by sales staff and customers. You can also supply your e-Storefront with visuals, employing easy-to-use and practical features.

With the help of a setting found in SIMMS' Global Settings, you can now include your images on Sales transactions to the left of the applicable items giving you the ability to showcase the item with image illustrations to raise customer awareness of your inventory items. In the Kitting (BOM) process, job cards can also display images of the stock being used, so that warehouse staff accurately can confirm the items being used are the ones that are needed.

While allowing multiple images to be assigned to each item, SIMMS also helps you to assign the user’s company logo to the center of the SIMMS main screen. This company 'logo' or 'signature' can also be set to appear on their Report Headers, which can be customized using the Crystal Reports editing features. Successive versions of the users' catalogs allow for new images to be assigned as their defaults, allowing for the newer catalogs fresh, visually captivating and 'cleaned out' of old materials – advantages for both your clients and your staff.

Your company logo(s) can be converted easily using any standard image editing software, or the KCSI Team can help by converting them to the sizes needed. You should select images that emphasize an item’s best qualities while maintaining the advantage of a manageable size. JPG/JPEG, GIF and BMP formats are recommended for use, due to their high visual quality and compact file sizes.

SIMMS' Item Image features can help to enhance and brighten your company’s visual brand and footprint in the marketplace.

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