Inventory Item Manufacturer Lot Tracking

Lot tracking of inventory items as raw materials or finished products is a crucial requirement for many businesses. SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management Software provides this capability for either stocked parts or parts issued already to customers (which is useful for warranties and recall tracking). Traceability by lot gives you information on where they were used from the point of receipt through any and all stages of production. You can designate a list of attributes that can be collected and tracked for every lot, allowing you to follow each lot’s history in the system with complete accuracy.

The tracking of serialized (and lot-related) parts to a customer is important for warranty compliance and service management. SIMMS lets you create serial numbers and manufacturer’s lots at any juncture of the manufacturing process. Finished products are assigned serial numbers and/or manufacturer’s lots and once they have been shipped to the customer, the serials and lots continue to exist in system history and permit useful trace-backs all the way to the original order.


  • Distributor’s/Manufacturer’s/Production Lot tracking of inventory [or direct through works-in-progress (WIP)]
  • User-defined attributes
  • Traceability of lots on every level, from vendor through to customer
  • Comprehensive lot activity history
  • Review of lot balances at any time
  • Serial number tracking (organized by serial number or lot)
  • User-defined serial numbers – in place of, or in addition to, original serials (company wide)
  • User-defined serial format, manually assigned of system assigned
  • Easy traces of item back to original order(s)
  • Support for a combination of component lot tracking
  • Receipt of multiple lots for the same item, or multiple items in one transaction
  • Assign Production Lots manually or let the system automatically assign them in Kitting (BOM) process
  • Quickly generate Production Lot Reports
  • Issue multiple lots for the same item, or for multiple lots for different items in one transaction
  • Issue your lots manually or have SIMMS automatically issue from lots with the oldest expiration dates first or by earliest lots created/received
  • Build kits using Items with assigned lots

If tracking of your manufacturer lots and serial numbers are important to your business then SIMMS 2014 is the perfect. Contact us by phone at 604-504-7936 or by e-mail at so we can get you started with the solution you have needed all along.

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