Multi-tier Stock Areas

SIMMS Inventory Management software tracks the stock levels of products separately for each of your retail and warehouse locations. Employees in one outlet can observe the number of units of an item that are present in their location – and the other outlets as well – from a single window. Reorder points for each item can be entered, maintained and altered separately for each product in each location. This allows you to make informed purchase decisions based on the varying demands of each outlet, while easily also enabling you to track and manage the movements of tools, equipment and inventory from location to location – even when locations are as variable as supply vans or to a single employee's car.

Using multi-tier locations you can:

  • Assign limits to the capacities of locations or sub-locations by either designating volume units or applying the option to palletize your location(s)
  • Assign an unlimited number of location names to something as small as a drawer, as varied as a fleet of vehicles, or as generic as a single room
  • Track the movement of goods from your warehouse to any sequence of locations to their ultimate destinations. If cross-docking is something you regularly do, then this feature is all that much more important to you
  • Assign location status for customers for consignment of their goods within a storage area
  • Create Location Codes using up to three characters for a warehouse code and up to ten characters for a bin code
  • Create locations for your own company’s equipment and log the in-flow/out-flow of regular and consumable items as well as your tools and equipment assigned to specific employees
  • Assign employees to particular locations, thus giving you the capability of tracking what items that employees have checked in (and out of) inventory
  • Using the Quick Stock Window, you can always tell what locations currently have particular stock in them

The ability to define and use multiple locations throughout your inventory system is of crucial importance to the accuracy of your inventory counts.

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