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Naval Surface Warfare Centre - (SAIC)
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Location: Fairfax, Virginia

Industry: Military


  • Previous Inventory Software solutions were limited in their kitting and logistics, serial number tracking abilities to meet our heavy demands.
  • Limited visibility into material/serial number usage
  • Limited ability to track multiple levels of serial numbers per item along with a unique comment field
  • Limited ability to track manufacturer lots

Other Software considered:

  • Custom Vertical Software
  • several others

Results with SIMMS Inventory Software

  • Intuitive and accurate Kitting (BOM), made tracking kit builds with manufacturer lot information and multiple serial numbers per item simple and quick.
  • The ability to associate more than one serial number to an item along with a unique comment after the fact if need be a simple task
  • SAIC can now tell at anytime the life cycle of a specific serial number from receipt through to kit build and issue.

“We needed a system that was easy to use, quick, accurate and provided the advanced serial number management along with kit building we demand from a system. SIMMS Software provided us with the best means to do that.”

Glenn Taube (Production Manager)


The Results:

Implementing SIMMS Inventory Software has given the Naval Surface Warfare Centre reliable efficient insight into all materials and serial number information utilized within kit builds reducing the manual burden of guess work, reporting and other administrative tasks.

SIMMS brought powerful kitting (BOM) and serial number tracking to the Naval Surface Warfare Centre, which were further refined by customization to meet the unique demands of the military industry, with the new serial number tracking enhancements added to SIMMS you can now add 2 serial numbers to one item along with a manufacturer lot, you can even add a serial number comment during or after receipt giving us more flexibility where needed.

“Our goal is to track the materials, kit (BOM) builds, serial number management is very important as we need to be able to see what kit has what serial number and where a serial number currently resides and SIMMS Inventory Software has delivered.”

The Challenges:

In the military the requirement to track Items and serial numbers used anywhere in any location including within kit builds is very important, we need to know where a serial numbered item was purchased from, where and when it was transferred, what kit it was built into and if it was ever returned, basically its entire life cycle every step of the way.

Production required complexed kitting, where we would have kits within kits within kits and all with serial numbers, manufacturer lots and user serial numbers along with a unique comment related to the serial numbers.

The Solution:

After considering many competing solutions, the Naval Surface Warfare Centre selected KCSI and their SIMMS Inventory Software solution to bring order to their material and serial number management demands. “Some solutions we considered lacked the functionality we needed in one way or another, and others were just unable to provide us the personalized customization service within the time frame we had, KCSI showed us they were willing to stand behind their product, assess our needs and provide a solution we wanted the way we wanted.”

Already SIMMS Inventory Software has helped meet our demands as we expected.

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