Override G/L Distribution

A General Ledger features provides many tools to help you easily conduct the numerous and complex General Ledger tasks, including integration with all other SIMMS modules. This helps provide you with a comprehensive company management and supplies you with vital insights into your financial condition.

In its General Ledger module, SIMMS 2014 has the ability to allow you to override default General Ledger distribution accounts – you can pick and choose alternate accounts per line item as you need at the moment.

Override G/L Distribution

General Ledger

The SIMMS General Ledger module has many powerful features to help you efficiently manage your general ledger, such as allocation entries, including flexible accounting periods, comprehensive search criteria, maintaining non-financial information, and viewing information in the form of bar charts or graphs.

Good General Ledger integration lets you:

  • Analyze one account then jump back to the consolidated balances and begin another drill-down
  • Continue the drill-down to journal entries and to original source documents in other Empower subsidiary applications
  • Drill-down from consolidated balances, (such as total company travel expenses) to division/department totals, etc.
  • View consolidated balances online for any organizational level

A complete, full-featured General Ledger can make the accounting difference your company needs.

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