PDM Distribution Services, Inc

PDM is comprised of 5 distinct and integrated business units.
These are Packaging, Warehousing, Distribution, AG Services and Value Added Services.

These units provide integrated and innovative solutions for our customers who are looking to outsource their manufacturing, distribution, fulfillment, and logistics.

Location: Des Moines, IA

Industry: Wholesale distribution


  • Previous Inventory Software solutions were limited in their kitting and logistics, serial number and manufacturer lot tracking abilities to meet our heavy demands.
  • Limited visibility into material movement
  • Limited RMA (Service and Return) capabilities
  • Limited Multi-Currency Capabilities

Other software considered:

  • Custom Vertical Software
  • several others

Results with SIMMS Inventory Software

  • Intuitive and accurate Kitting (BOM), made tracking kit builds with manufacturer lot information and multiple serial numbers per item simple and quick.
  • Accurate and simple service and return capabilities
  • PDM can now easily move items around from one location to another, associate manufacture lots information, build kits and handle multiple currencies.

“We needed a system that was flexible, fully functional and feature rich with strong kit building capabilities we demand from a system. SIMMS Software provided us with the best means to do that.”

Mike Kleppe (PDM)


The Results:

SIMMS Inventory Software has given the PDM reliable access to item movement information from receipt of goods through to item issue.

SIMMS delivers powerful kitting (BOM), Barcoding, manufacturer lot management and multi-currency giving us the ability to deliver better results to our customers

“Our goal is to better track the materials management with an accurate accounting of an items history in the system and SIMMS Inventory Software has delivered.”

The Challenges:

In the wholesale distribution industry the requirement to track item movement is very important, we need to be able to purchase & sell in any currency, easily barcode our items, and manage our inventory, serial numbers and manufacture lots with a handheld data collector free from the chains of the computer workstation.

The Solution:

After considering many competing solutions, PDM selected KCSI and their SIMMS Inventory Software solution. KCSI has proven to us that SIMMS Software and KCSI was the right decision

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