Item Price Levels in SIMMS

With SIMMS, you can assign up to 12 alternate static prices or percentile (%) markup value from item standard cost to each inventory item associating each price or set percentage to a price level. Assigning one of the 12 price levels to your customer file will determine the default sales price utilized during a sales transaction for each item with that customer.

Items are often assigned to product groups and subsequently the product groups have price levels created for each of them. A common item grouping matrix is as follows:

  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco: spirits; wine; beer; tobacco; and narcotics.
  • Clothing: clothing materials; men's, women's, children’s and infant’s clothing; other articles of clothing and clothing accessories (excluding cleaning, repair and hire of clothing).
  • Communication: postal services; and telephone and telefax equipment and services.
  • Consumer electronics: televisions; DVD players; receivers; audio systems; MP3 players; cameras; camcorders; desktop and laptop computers; monitors; printers; scanners; software; music CDs; movie DVDs; empty CDs and DVDs etc (excluding repair of such equipment).
  • Electricity, gas and other fuels: electricity; gas; liquid fuels; solid fuels; and heat energy (all for domestic use).
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages: bread and cereals; meat; fish; milk; cheese; eggs; oils and fats; fruits; vegetables; potatoes; other food; non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Footwear: men's, women's, children's and infants' footwear (excludes repair and hire of footwear).
  • Furniture and furnishing, carpets and other floor coverings: kitchen furniture; bedroom furniture; living-room and dining-room furniture; other furniture and furnishings; carpets and other floor coverings (excluding repair of furniture, furnishings and floor coverings).
  • Household appliances: refrigerators and freezers; washing machines; dishwashers; cookers; microwave ovens; vacuum cleaners; coffee makers; kettles; toasters, etc. (excluding their repair).
  • Personal transport equipment: motor cars; motor cycles and bicycles (excluding the maintenance and repair of personal transport equipment, spare parts and fuels).
  • Restaurants and hotels: restaurants; cafés; pubs; bars; canteens; hotels; youth hostels, etc.
  • Transport services: Passenger transport by railway, by road, by air, by sea and inland waterway and other purchased transport services (e.g. left luggage services, removal services).

SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management software answers the challenges of addressing your strict unique pricing and volume discount demands. With SIMMS, you can assign up to 12 unique price levels to each item and then assign a price level to your customer quickly and easily.

For each of your items you can define different sales prices and assign one of the unique price levels to your customers so when you quote, invoice or create sales orders for your customers the default prices that appear are dependent on the price level you have assigned to the customer to whom you are selling.

SIMMS also supports volume price discounts. Learn more.

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