Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Organizer Software

SIMMS Purchase Order Software is a business program that provides easy and speedy management of entire sales and purchase orders for your organizations with error free data entry records. The advance functionality of the PO software saves your time from searching any local purchasing order, sale-delivery order, invoice, supplier, receipt requisition forms and blank templates or using any Microsoft Office tool including MS word invoice sample template to create goods po order form. Use SIMMS Purchase Order Software to create and print standard and generic printable purchase orders, Layouts of purchase order contracts or approval form for your business quickly and easily.

SIMMS purchase order management software saves your valuable time and money from using low quality or improper PO sample, blanket purchase order format for example created in ms word, excel. Using SIMMS Purchase Order Software, you can issue or request professional looking commercial PO documents. The Complete purchase order financial software system for any Company or Accounting service provider that handles entire Purchase order Process, inventory and stock details of business and easily prepares the comprehensive and procedural purchase order reports.

Purchase Order Management

Advantage of using SIMMS Purchase Order Software

  • Easy management of Purchase and Sales order record details of small, large and other type of business organizations.
  • Interface with the SIMMS RFQ Manager enabling you to generate Purchase orders direct from RFQ
  • Interface with Replenishment and Fulfillment managers enabling you to generate automated po's
  • Generate automatic Purchase orders based on your reorder points
  • Efficiently manages the customers, vendors and company purchase order database records.
  • Accurately prepares the Sales, Purchase and Item Transaction reports of the Company.
  • Facilitate to track purchase and sale order number and payment details in the easiest way.
  • Streamlines and organizes the entire purchasing process of the business organizations.
  • Password protected utility with advance data backup and restore policy.
  • Provides facility to generate Purchase orders having Accounts payable, cash, credit, debit, cheques, credit cards, in addition to customized payment options available.
  • PO management software provides GUI interface for all Windows users.

(RFQ) Request for Quote Manager

SIMMS Request for Quote (RFQ) enables for one-step translation of a requisition into a paperless RFQ document that can be emailed to selected vendors for competitive pricing via a buyer and supplier accessible system (portal) for managing requests for quotes (and other kinds of supplier requests).

Item Replenishment

Determine your replenishment requirements for your entire system in a snap with the replenishment module

Item Fulfillment

Fulfill your orders with ease once product has been received for large quantities of orders at a time with the order fulfillment manager

Purchase Order Management

With SIMMS you can generate and receive an entire PO or partially receive a PO as many times as required until the whole PO has been received, creating separate Receipt of Goods & Receipt of Invoice documents for each partial receipt.

Auto-Reorder Points

Define automatic inventory item reorder points per location in a snap, using the economic or maximum stock level requirement settings assigning the reorder point, order quantity, minimum order quantity and maximum on hand values, and automatically generate Purchase Orders based on this defined criteria.

Landed Costing

Are you tired of having to calculate your landed costs through a series of spreadsheets, drafts, alternate programs and utilities that seem to suck the time out of your day? If so then the landed costing functionality found in SIMMS Inventory Management software is what you require. Make time for you and let SIMMS handle the complicated task of tracking your landed costing.

Purchase Orders on Hold

Place Purchase Orders on hold in order to prevent the receiving of the specified PO.

P/O Authorization Staging

With the Purchase Order authorization staging capabilities found in SIMMS you can enable the added security of having to have Purchase orders approved, and authorized prior to receipt.

Purchase Order Cloning

Easily clone a Purchase order into a new Purchase order for the same or different Vendor saving you valuable time in processing repeat orders.

Drop Ship Orders

With SIMMS even complicated tasks like drop shipping orders is made easy

Purchase Orders for Sales Orders

Advanced functionality such as creating Purchase orders for sales orders and having the sales orders created automatically on the fly from the related PO is made simple with SIMMS Inventory Software, not only can you create new Sales orders on the fly but you can even add the PO related items to an existing Sales Order.

Quick Payment from Receipt of Goods

Of course, you have the ability to apply quick payments such as deposits or even payments in full to a receipt of invoice on-the-fly from the same screen.

Serial number and Warranty Tracking

Tracking and assigning an items serial number, secondary level serial number and purchase warranty, sales warranty at the receiving stage is a snap in SIMMS Software.

Manufacturer Lot Tracking

Easily assign and track an items Manufacturer lot number at the receipt of goods stage in SIMMS.

Expiration Date Tracking

SIMMS Expiration Date Tracking system tracks an unlimited amount of expiration dates from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are issued. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information. Expiration Date Tracking is essential in the flow of inventory items that can expire such as life saving medication.

Alternate Bill to and Ship to

easily select an alternate ship to or bill to address for your purchasing transactions.

Override G/L Distribution

You can override the G/L distribution for each line item on your transaction for simple flexible accounting.

Defer Receipt of Invoice

SIMMS enables you to choose if you wish to receive the invoice for a receipt of goods at the time of receipt or defer the receipt of invoice for a later time, postponing the distribution to AP and GL until that time.

View and report Vendor Purchase History

SIMMS boasts an extensive library of Reports and report generators giving you the ability to, choose from some of the most versatile purchasing reports you could ever need.

Purchase Multiple Apparel Items with Matrix View

Effectively manage apparel and footwear styles using one item number with multiple color and size labels with the Apparel Matrix Inventory feature.

Purchase Order Reporting

From status reports to un-recieved PO reports you have the information you need when you need it.

Multi Currency

Our optional SIMMS Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive Multi currency accounting, purchasing and sales functions. Sophisticated currency management and seamless transactions in any number of currencies provides a global competitive edge.

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