Creating Purchase Orders and Sales Orders Simultaneously...

The following example highlights a very special functionality:

Your sales representative is on the phone with a customer, who needs 20 widgets. The system shows that there are only 15 on-hand. The sales representative reserves the 15 on a sales order, and from the sales order he creates a purchase order for the remaining 5 widgets. Once the 5 arrive, the complete order of 20 can be delivered to the customer.

Filling stock needed for sales orders is made simple:

Purchase Orders for Sales Orders

  • Add the sales order items to existing purchase order(s).
  • Automatically generate a purchase order from a sales order.
  • Create multiple purchase orders at the same time if the items on the sales order are purchased from different vendors. You create a purchase order for each vendor, with items sourced from each vendor on each separate purchase order.

There are many additional sales/purchasing features of SIMMS 2014, however two of the most popular are:

Item Replenishment

Determine your replenishment requirements for your entire system in a snap with the replenishment module

Fulfillment Manager

Using the Fulfillment Manager, you can review your sales demand and quickly fill mass amounts of sales orders at once, generate purchase orders for shortages, and even transfer items from alternate locations to fulfill the requirements.

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