Quick Payment from Invoicing

With SIMMS 2014’s Sales software you can quickly apply cash, check and credit card payments as deposits or even payments in full (or partially) towards invoices, quotes, or sales orders on-the-fly from SIMMS’ easy-to-use Transactions window. Moreover, you can apply credits to invoices from the Quick Payment Window. Also, you can make payments in multiple currencies instantly, letting the system do the math for you based on the set conversion rates, thus enabling you to avoid the need to re-apply those payments on the Accounts Receivable window.

Quick Payment from Invoicing

With the SIMMS’ Quick Payment window you can:

  • Save valuable time because you don't have to go into Accounts Receivable (or another module) to apply payments. You can apply payments at the Point Of Sale step, leaving the math and multi-currency work to SIMMS software;
  • Pay a sale in multiple currencies using the Multi-Currency Module. You will thus always know just how much in the alternate currency you require in order to equal the sale amount in the sale currency

Fulfillment Manager

With SIMMS 2014’s Fulfillment Manager you can review your sales demand and quickly complete numerous Sales Orders at once, generate Purchase Orders for shortages, as well as transfer items from Alternate Locations to fulfill the requirements.

Sales Invoicing

With SIMMS 2014 you can produce new invoices or invoice from entire Sales Order or partially issue Sales Orders as many times as required until the entire Sales Order has been issued (thus creating separate invoices for each partial Sales Order fill).

Sales Quotes

SIMMS 2014’s robust but simple Quoting Module gives your sales team the tools they need to close the sale. Costs, increases to the quoted price, percentages over cost amounts and more.

Sales Orders

With SIMMS 2014, Sales Orders enable you to complete sales for your customers without depleting your stock but instead reserving the stock. This simple status lets you invoice or ship against the initial order fully (or partially).

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