SIMMS Inventory Software Reporting

Create and customize presentation-quality reports from SIMMS Inventory Software data with Crystal Reports for SIMMS. Crystal Reports is a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) report writer that enables the creation of meaningful reports quickly and easily. Use sample reports straight out of the box or customize them as need be, then save and run them anytime.


Take control over the look of documents

by selecting font type, size and text color. Enhance the layout by applying lines, borders and shading. Further enrich reports with embedded pictures, diagrams and logos. Use tables, cross-tabulations or one of twelve graph styles to communicate financial information. In addition, create reports with drill-down simply by selecting that option for the detail section of a report.

Crystal's "Experts" are wizards that guide the user through the report process from start to finish; "Private Tutor" is a built-in training and on-line help system. There is also the ability to generate reports at predetermined times, even unattended. The ODBC (open database connectivity) driver included in the data access kit for SIMMS gives Crystal Reports direct access to SIMMS data. The ODBC driver also provides read-only access to SIMMS data for other applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel and Access, allowing accounting information to be automatically transferred for use in other applications and report writers.

Crystal Reports module includes these features:

  • Sub-reports - These may be embedded in a main report so that information can be inserted from different tables with different formats into any section of a report. For example, an income statement can be embedded into the balance sheet and the net income figure can be pulled into the balance sheet.
  • Conditional and Multiple Section Reports - This feature lets enables specification of special conditions for each section of a report, allowing one report to produce several different outcomes.
  • Enhanced Cross-tabulation Objects - Present summary information in a single cell, replacing columnar report formats.
  • Form-style Reports - This feature enables for printing with greater precision on pre-printed forms using new guidelines and text objects.
  • Mail Merge Capabilities - Combine database information with letters or other text objects, and specify selection criteria to target specific groups of customers.
  • Report Design Control - Improved user interface gives more power and control over report design by allowing customization of the design environment. Use drawing models instead of predefined grids for more accurate placement of data fields.
  • Control Formatting with Formulas - Data can be displayed in a different color or underlined to put emphasis on a particular cell and its value.
  • Enhanced Graphing Capabilities - Graph on details, formulas and subtotals.
  • Distribution of Reports - With Crystal Reports, you can publish reports to the Web with automatic HTML output, presenting embedded graphs and other features of the original report. When exporting to Word and Excel, images, lines, boxes, and color are included. E-mail reports in one of 15 file formats.
  • New Data Access Kits - For 16-bit or 32-bit systems - now includes Job Cost Data Dictionaries and report templates.
  • 32-bit ODBC driver - For Windows XP Windows 7/2003/2008 users with Office versions of Excel, Word, and all versions of Access

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