Sales Commission Management with SIMMS Sales Software

Calculating sales commissions due has never been easier, SIMMS sales software can auto calculate commissions based on either the AR receivable or transactional methods. You will always know what sales commissions are due to your agents and for what.

Configuring commission templates and assigning to items and/or clients can be done with simplicity, SIMMS inventory software even has the capability of configuring complexed Maximum Value commission schedules along with 3rd party commission payout (royalty) calculations.

Reduce errors in sales commissions calculation.

Doing commissions in Excel introduces a tremendous number of errors into the calculation. A structured commissions system like the SIMMS Sales Commission Manager can reduce the number of errors in commissions and consequently save the company a lot of money.

Accommodates complex sales commission structures

Pay Commissions on time

Manual processes to calculate sales commission can take significant amounts of time and payments can sometimes be thirty or more days late. This causes reconciliation issues and dissatisfaction among the salespeople. An automated sales commission system can allow calculation of payments as quickly as you want. Calculations can even be done during the period to estimate potential payments and for accruals.

Complex Commissions Plans

Sometimes commission plans that suit the needs of the business may not be implemented because of the difficulty of establishing the plan and administering them. SIMMS Commission Manager enables the establishment of complex plans and eases the administration.

Clear communication

SIMMS Commission Manager maintains all the data involved in calculating commissions. This enables the production of clear and complete commission statements to the field. More transparent communication means less confusion among the salespeople and less queries and problem solving effort regarding commission issues.

Complete Reporting Ability

With all transactions and calculations stored in the system, SIMMS Commission Manager enables the ability to report comprehensively on sales commission information. An analytical component enables the user to slice and dice the information available in SIMMS Commission Manager in various ways. Additional reports can be easily created from the basic system.

Track Sales, Commissions and Bonus

SIMMS Commission Manager enables the loading of all sales and other performance data. Sales information can be tracked using SIMMS Commission Manager. In addition commissions and bonuses can be tracked independently for the full plan duration. Tracking sales and performance enables management to clearly identify good and poor performers whether in the products/services or among the sales people.

Reduce Administrative Time and Effort

Due to the reduction in errors, the automated nature of calculations, data integration, clear reporting, Computer Administrators can expect to reduce the effort required to calculate and pay commissions significantly.

Reduce Administrative and Overpayment Costs

Savings of time spent in administering the compensation plans and resolving issues can help in reducing administrative costs. Errors in sales commission calculation favoring salespeople typically does not get reported, whereas errors favoring the company gets reported typically. Accurate calculations can save the company significant expenses in over payment of commissions.

Increased trust and morale

Having been burned by inaccurate calculations the salespeople usually distrust the commission calculation process. The automation of the calculation process, with access to all the data, clear reporting of any calculation enables the salespeople to develop trust in the process and increase their morale.

Increase Productivity

With salespeople not engaging in ‘shadow accounting’ of their commission statements, they are more likely to focus on selling activities with potential increases in revenue to the company. With reduction of the administrative effort, comp administrators can spend more time on value added work rather than purely administrative tasks

Sales Orders

Sales orders enable you to complete a sale for your customer but instead of depleting stock it reserves the stock, this enables you to invoice or ship against the initial order partially or fully.

Fulfillment Manager

With the Fulfillment Manager you can review your sales demand and quickly fill mass amounts of sales orders at once, generate purchase orders for shortages and even transfer items from alternate locations to fulfill the requirements.

Sales Invoicing

With SIMMS you can Generate a new invoice or invoice from entire Sales Order or partially issue a Sales Order as many times as required until the whole Sales Order has been Issued, creating separate Invoice for each partial sales order fill.

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