Sales Invoicing Software

SIMMS Sales Invoicing Software is an easy-to-learn and affordable sales invoicing application which works smarter than similar invoice and billing softwares. It keeps you totally informed about your business with the ability to sell and manage serialized items, items with manufacturer lots as well as expiration dates. Easily choose what location you wish to sell your items from and track sales commissions for those sales. SIMMS also supports a two-tier commission structure so you can pay your sales agent a percentage of the sale and the sales manager an alternate percentage.

Join the thousands of satisfied businesses who are using SIMMS Software and have improved their business accounting, inventory management and invoicing. Why has SIMMS Software been so successful...because it is the most feature rich software for its price and it is so easy to use.

Sales Invoicing

Fantastic features for a great price

SIMMS Sales invoicing software has the capability to even drop ship to your customer addresses, and generate purchase orders for shortages on the fly, importing quotes and sales orders into invoices are as simple as clicking import sales order, selecting the order and poof done, your order has been imported into a final sale document moving the items from reserved to issued out of stock. With SIMMS you can invoice an entire SO or partially invoice a SO as many times as required until the whole SO has been invoiced, creating separate Invoice for each partial fill.

SIMMS Invoicing Software will easily solve your immediate inventory management, sales invoicing and accounting requirements. Many of you would have noticed that it is an expensive exercise to walk into a shop and get the accounting software containing the features you need. Usually you are paying for fancy packaging or extra features that you don’t really want. SIMMS is the answer!

You won't find SIMMS in the shops. What you will find is that for a fraction of the cost you can download SIMMS Software directly to your computer with all of the features that you need in a matter of minutes. SIMMS is a logical next step for any growing business.

Perfect for growing businesses

With SIMMS Inventory Software you need fewer clicks and pop-up screens than other invoicing software. It simply works smarter.

Is your business expanding? If so it is likely that you need a reliable and efficient way of creating invoices and billing your customers. You also need an easy way to keep track of your invoices and accounts. That is where SIMMS Inventory Software is outstanding. It has all of the key features of commercial accounting software but at a fraction of the price.

The invoice layouts are completely customizable. What’s more, whether you bill time, goods, or services – monthly, weekly or auto bill. SIMMS Inventory Software includes:

  • Customizable invoices and invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Purchasing
  • Accounting
  • Quotes and estimates modules
  • Time tracking and recording
  • and much more

Learn about the invoice and accounting features that have made SIMMS Inventory Software the most feature rich software for its price.

It’s simple to create invoices and do your accounting.

  • SIMMS Inventory Software puts accounting information at your fingertips so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Track your time, costs, and margins
  • You can start sending invoices in an instant.

SIMMS Inventory Software Invoicing for Sales and Selling

Examples: Traders, Retailers, Wholesalers, Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, etc.

  • Maintain your product listings with up to twelve price levels
  • Monitor inventory levels.
  • Produce illustrated price-lists showing what your products look like. It’s easy and quick to customize pricing for specific clients.
  • Maintain lists of all your clients, vendors and their contact details
  • Enter your purchases and keep track of profitability by product, client and more...
  • Send e-mails to clients directly from invoice it! You can also send invoices and other documents by e-mail.
  • Prepare quotations and keep track of results
  • View sales statistics by sales person, product, client and more
  • Know who owes you money!
  • On quotations and invoices you can add your trading conditions.
  • Easily sell serial numbers, expiry dates, etc. You can make your invoices look exactly as you want.
  • You don't need to be a computer genius to use this program
  • Use SIMMS Inventory Software over the network and everyone in your organization can work with it at the same time.

The SIMMS Inventory accounting software is the result of years of working with the needs of Small businesses. Today we are proud to say that SIMMS Inventory Software is used by businesses throughout the world.

Designed for small to medium businesses with tiny budgets, but big demands, SIMMS Inventory Software is the complete business tool.


  • Fast startup - enter your personal details in Setup and you're ready to start invoicing. Add clients and products 'on the fly'. Just three simple steps and your invoice is done.
  • Email and electronic invoicing - send your invoices via email in a format all of your clients can read.
  • Client management - look up jobs, invoices, receipts, and more.
  • Your products or service charges including product pictures
  • Quotations and Sales orders are quick to set up and are turned into invoices with a click.
  • If required, inventory levels are updated automatically when you invoice.
  • If you do regular charge-outs for services or products, invoice it! will do the job automatically - never miss another invoice
  • You can customize almost all areas of the invoice layout to suit your business or location. Even add your company logo.
  • End of the month: check your stats, do your tax return and more.

Country specific Features:

SIMMS Inventory Software is customized for your country.

  • Supports many taxes at once automatically - with manual edit, if required.
  • Canadian taxes: supports automatic application of GST/PST and HST, including PST on GST-inclusive prices (Quebec) - with manual edit, if required.
  • Supports GST (New Zealand and Australia) - VAT (Great Britain, Eire and South Africa) Value-added Tax support (EU countries).

Sales Quotes

SIMMS offers a powerful yet easy to use Quoting module giving your sales team the tools they need to close the sale, you can see the cost, increase the quoted price a percent over the cost and much more.

Sales Orders

Sales orders enable you to complete a sale for your customer but instead of depleting stock it reserves the stock, this enables you to invoice or ship against the initial order partially or fully.

Fulfillment Manager

With the Fulfillment Manager you can review your sales demand and quickly fill mass amounts of sales orders at once, generate purchase orders for shortages and even transfer items from alternate locations to fulfill the requirements.

Sales Invoicing

With SIMMS you can Generate a new invoice or invoice from entire Sales Order or partially issue a Sales Order as many times as required until the whole Sales Order has been Issued, creating separate Invoice for each partial sales order fill.

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