Sales Order Authorization

A Sales Order is a binding request to an enterprise to deliver a specific quantity of products. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, you gain the additional security where Sales Orders require approval before they can be issued. Your historical record can be viewed from a single window, which shows who authorized existing Sales Order and when they were authorized. This complete control center for your Sales Orders makes for a streamlined and comprehensive auditing process in terms of your sales and accounting standards.


  • You have the access to view who has authorized Sales Orders and when they were authorized
  • You can eliminate costly mistakes with SIMMS Sales Software and no longer have any concerns regarding unauthorized Sales Orders
  • You can use the easy view grid for Sales Orders where they can be authorized. You also gain the ability to view all transactions (including those that have been authorized)

Fulfillment Manager

The Fulfillment Manager enables you to review your sales demand and smoothly fill huge numbers of sales orders at one time, generate purchase orders to fill shortages, and transfer items in from alternate locations to fulfill the requirements.

Sales Invoicing

With SIMMS you can produce a new invoice (or invoice from entire Sales Order, or partially issue a Sales Order) as many times as needed until the contents of the entire Sales Order have been issued – separate invoice can be generated for each partial Sales Order fill.

Sales Orders

Sales Orders in SIMMS enable you to complete the sale to your customer, but instead of depleting stock it reserves the stock. You can then invoice (or ship) against the initial order fully or partially.

Sales Quotes

SIMMS offers a powerful and easy to use Quoting solution to provide your sales personnel with the tools they need to close the sales. Costs are visible at all junctures, and the sales staff can increase the quoted price by dollar amounts or by percentages over cost, and many more details of the sales process remain within their control at all times.

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