With SIMMS you can issue an entire sales order or partially issue a sales order as many times as required until the whole sales order has been Issued, creating separate Invoice for each partial sales order fill. Sales orders, whether complete or partial, can be cloned for re-use, saving a lot of time in data entry. They can be set as On Hold, which protects stock and dedicates it to specific projects or customers. Any stock needed by a sales project can be easily placed on the currently-pending purchase order for a vendor. Invoices can be generated based either on complete or partial sales orders by importing what can be held onto the order, and completed once all stock required has arrived.

Your sales organization can manage the complete sales-order management cycle and handle post-sales activities with sales management and service functionality with SIMMS software. The SIMMS ERP application addresses a wide range of customer-focused processes – from selling products and professional services to handling aftermarket processing of warranty claims, service orders, and returns.

In addition to accelerating the order-to-cash process and improving customer service, you can increase revenues and profit margins, reduce the operating cost of sales, improve productivity, and reduce total cost of ownership.

SIMMS Sales Software provides the most complete, flexible sales order management processes for fulfilling the perfect order and satisfying your customers. You can manage the complete order-to-cash process – including the following:

  • Inquiries and quotations
  • Order generation, order fulfillment and order processing
  • Pricing and billing

To ensure superior and consistent customer service, you can efficiently manage both low – and high-volume orders, handle credit management checks, check product availability, and track orders.

Automate and streamline your complete sales process. With end-to-end sales order management processes, you can integrate your financial and supply chain operations – from manufacturing and distribution to service. SIMMS Sales Software supports various sales order management scenarios such as make to order, ship to order, engineer to order, batch processing and returns.

Sales Quotes

SIMMS offers a powerful yet easy to use Quoting module giving your sales team the tools they need to close the sale, you can see the cost, increase the quoted price a percent over the cost and much more.

Sales Orders

Sales orders enable you to complete a sale for your customer but instead of depleting stock it reserves the stock, this enables you to invoice or ship against the initial order partially or fully.

Fulfillment Manager

With the Fulfillment Manager you can review your sales demand and quickly fill mass amounts of sales orders at once, generate purchase orders for shortages and even transfer items from alternate locations to fulfill the requirements.

Sales Invoicing

With SIMMS you can Generate a new invoice or invoice from entire Sales Order or partially issue a Sales Order as many times as required until the whole Sales Order has been Issued, creating separate Invoice for each partial sales order fill.

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