Shipment Method Configuration in SIMMS

With SIMMS, you can configure as many different shipment methods – both real-time and fixed – as you need for use in your transactions or in the SIMMS Shipping Manager, thus improving the system’s overall performance as well as eliminating user errors.

SIMMS' shipment methods can be configured for account number, address information, contact, and phone numbers.

Once you have added shipping methods to the SIMMS system, you can select those methods at any time to ship your orders.

Fixed shipping methods are priced and configured from third parties, making them faster than using real-time shipping methods. Some fixed shipping methods are:

  • Flat Rate Per Item
  • Flat Rate Per Order
  • Ship By Order Total
  • Ship By Weight

No matter which shipping method you use, SIMMS Inventory Management software can help you manage and master it.

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