Inventory Stock Transfer

SIMMS Inventory Management software gives you the degree of control to transfer inventory items from one location to another with a smooth-and-easy transaction interface, moving as many items from as many places (and to as many locations) as you wish at any given time.

Directly linked in to SIMMS’ Kit Project Management, transfers can also be affiliated to a project and/or stage within a project, if you should desire.

Various examples of steps are:

  • A receipt of goods moves inventory from the receiving dock (the vendor) to stores.
  • Invoicing (issuing stock) depletes inventory from your stores (the warehouse) to your customer.

These are the most common transactions.

However, if your company has intermediate locations -- alternate locations (such as Warehouse #2), inspection and/or quarantine, employee locations, or vehicle locations)., then Inventory Transfer is used to move inventory to those locations. It up-counts the transfer'"s To location and down-counts inventory in the transfer'"s From location.

IF the ability to transfer your inventory items from location to location is important to you then SIMMS is the correct solution. So what are you waiting for?

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