Tax Codes and Schedules in SIMMS

If you're selling into different states or counties, you may have to collect the taxes and pass them on to the correct authorities. SIMMS will let you set-up a series of tax codes and schedules for each area and then let you attach a customer or invoice to that area so that you can charge the correct sales tax rate.

For example, there are about 43 different counties in California. The sales tax rate in each is a little different from the next (7.25%, 7.5%, 8.0% etc.) If you are delivering the goods into a given county, you must use the correct tax rate for that county and be able to submit the sales tax collected to the correct county at the end of the month.

In Canada, the system can handle the Provincial Sales Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and several different Environment Taxes. Currently, the law states that if you sell goods into Quebec from another province you must collect the Quebec sales tax, but enforcement of that law is still an issue.

We also deal with the complex Australian sales taxes which can be hidden or not, or different rates or not, or can be exempt or not, depending upon what you have negotiated with the government agent.

  • Configure as many tax codes and/or tax schedules as you require.
  • Combine your tax codes into one easy to manage tax schedule.
  • SIMMS Inventory Software handles Canadian and US dollars and the rest of the national taxes with ease due to its advanced Tax Code/Schedule matrix capabilities.
  • Easily assign tax schedules to your inventory items, customers, vendors and manufacturers.
  • Configure tax exemptions for your inventory items from an easy-to-use interface.
  • Associate your tax codes to separate General Ledger accounts and tax agents for more accurate accounting.

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