Volume Pricing and Discounts Configuration

With SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management software, we understand the need for volume price discounts. With SIMMS you can:

  • Define percentage price discounts based on the volume of items your customers purchase, i.e. if your customer purchases up to two widgets, no discount is offered. However, if your customer purchases from three to five widgets, they get a 5% discount, and a ten percent discount if they purchase six to ten, etc.
  • Creating and assign different percentage price discount templates to different customers, i.e. if Customer A purchases up to two widgets, no discount is offered. However, if Customer B purchases up to two widgets, they receive a 5% discount.
  • Assign items to specific percentage price discount templates.

SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management software answers the challenge of your strict Unique Pricing and Volume Discount demands.

JIT (Just in time) delivery, which needs low inventory and quick product replenishment, has replaced the JIC (just in case) system of stocking large quantities of merchandise that may become obsolete and require deep liquidation pricing. Products are quickly introduced, a high volume is sold at a lower margin, and the product is liquidated and replaced with a new version release. Stock does not stay shelved until liquidation requires even deeper price reduction.

With SIMMS 2014, it’s easy to assign volume pricing and discounts, and you gain the ability to configure your own unique price templates and price structure for determining the percentage discount for each quantity price level then assign those volume price discounts to your customers and items.

The concept of percentage price discounts based on volume purchased is organic to SIMMS, which supports up to twelve price levels for each item (applying them either by a set currency amount or by a percentage. Price levels are then assigned to each customer so they can benefit from all items that have been assigned within them. SIMMS also enables you to copy your defined price levels to all items in the system or to only items in the related category.

If volume pricing features are important to you then SIMMS is the perfect software solution. Contact KCSI at 604-504-7936 (or by e-mail at sales@kcsi.ca) so we can help you begin using the solution you have been seeking – SIMMS 2014.

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