Will Heigh - Technical Writer/Information Editor

Will joined KCSI in June 2002. Since joining KCSI, he has helped the customer support services division increase the level of customer support satisfaction by assuring all of the brochures, technical documents, glossies and newsletters have the latest and most accurate information.

Within the same time frame, service revenues at KCSI have grown approximately 200%.

Before joining KCSI, Will held senior management positions with several software companies, where his responsibilities included customer support, beta-testing, training and service, after having worked in numerous PC environments for over thirty years.

With qualifications ranging from political science to speech writing, he served as Executive Secretary responsible for logistics, image development and one-on-one consultant for several business entrepreneurs and political candidates, and has worked as a hardware and application teacher for over ten years since the initial days of computerized office administration. Holding degrees in Political Studies and English, certifications in both Media and Communications, diplomas in Journalism, Advanced Web Development, Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing, Will has both taught and documented numerous facets of computer usage, ranging from MSDOS 3.3 through Windows 7, and many compositional, graphical, and inventory applications.

His other passions include writing and musical composition, having contributed numerous articles and reviews of music and movies, in addition to currently serving as a local and provincial officer of the Fraternal Order of Eagles as a Past President and as Provincial Secretary.

Will Heigh