Xiao Zheng - Project Programmer

As a SIMMS Software developer, Xiao brings impressive skills to the SIMMS Inventory Software development team.

Xiao is a SIMMS Software developer at KCSI. He is an experienced C#.NET programmer with extensive knowledge in C# programming, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. Xiao is good at learning new technologies, strong in problem solving, and currently is working on the new SIMMS release.

Xiao received his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Northern British Columbia in 2006. His research area was wireless networks and network security, and he participated in several research projects including the design of a SIP paging and tracking protocol, building smart phone-based social network applications and studying radio characterization of 802.15.4 network for mobile applications. His research paper appeared in some of the most prestigious journals and conferences such as IEEE Transactions on Networking and SENSYS.

He is an IBM Certified Database Associate for the IBM DB2 Universal Database version 8.1 Family and a Certified Associate Developer for IBM WebSphere Studio version 5.0.

Before he joined KCSI, he worked at MP Design Inc. as a software programmer, creating ERP software components such as inventory control components, BOM analysis components, order confirmation components and agent management components. He developed ASP.NET websites for displaying products, tracking sales orders, and ordering samples.

Xiao is an expert on network systems, with skill in network system designs and analysis, in addition to experiences in domain registration, DNS configuration, website configuration and website monitoring.

Xiao Zheng