Making the Right Choices


Inventory consumption, items that sell least or sell most, items that depreciate as they sit unsold on the warehouse shelves, or pieces that seem to require more repairs or replacements than do others — all these concerns can lead to much-needed changes imparted by managers and department heads. Complete information is the answer to the challenge for those whose jobs require swift and easy adjustments to make profits maximized and overhead costs limited. Making decisions remains both complete and easy with SIMMS Inventory software.

When systems compile information from a database, they merely grab values that are needed for time-worn formulas. With SIMMS, built-in reports can be customized to link to information that may not be included in those standard formulas. These customized views often produce the best and most useful data. SIMMS also enables you to choose your own preferred versions of the standard screens you use most, and familiarity with them adds to the speed and accuracy you can establish and maintain with the software.

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Track Your Key Inventory Metrics


An industrial engineering axiom states that what isn’t measured can’t be improved. From an inventory perspective, the metrics are the same for online sales as for catalogs, although the forecasting systems requirements for Internet promotions may be different from those for catalog inventory. The metrics include:

  1. Age of inventory
  2. Cost of backorders
  3. Final fill rate/returns/cancellations
  4. Gross margin return on investment (GMROI)
  5. Initial customer order fill rate
  6. Maintained gross margin
  7. Measures of overstock
  8. Top-line and bottom-line growth
  9. Turnover
  10. Write-downs as a percentage of costs.

Key metrics for stores would include:

  1. Top-line and bottom-line growth
  2. Comparable-store sales (year over year)
  3. Maintained gross margin
  4. Turnover
  5. GMROI
  6. Weeks of supply
  7. Markdowns/margin loss from write-downs
  8. Age of inventory
  9. Sell-through percent
  10. Stock-to-sales ratios.

Mastering Backorders with SIMMS


Enormous numbers of backorders at one time can be processed by using the Fulfillment Manager or a simple few backordered items by employing SIMMS’ Backorder Manager. Once you begin using it, you will always be aware of what your customers are waiting for as well as what the current stock status is, while you gain the ability to fulfill your customer backorders.

With SIMMS, you can:

– Create Backorder Fill Reports to let you see what orders can be filled using your current stock

– Easily review your fulfillment requirements and take action for hundreds and thousands of orders at once when you use the feature-rich Fulfillment Manager

– Employ the Fulfillment Manager to review your sales demand and smoothly fill huge numbers of sales orders at one time, generate purchase orders to fill shortages, and transfer items in from alternate locations to fulfill the requirements.

– Generate Purchase Orders for your backorders at any time, and receive their contents all at once or in partial allotments

– Print Backorder Status reports to let you know where your stock falls short and which orders are yet to be fulfilled.

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KCSI’s Software Customization


With all your business needs that other off-the-shelf software packages do not answer, KCSI offers customized software that gets you in command and on-target quickly easily. If you haven’t found the software that you need to make headway in today’s competitive business market, contact KCSI to provide the services that you need.

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KCSI Software


KCSI is very proud to offer SIMMS Inventory and Accounting Management software to all our prospective customers. It is an established state-of-the-art computer solution for businesses seeking to make their mark in their respective industries and markets, all for a very reasonable price.

KCSI’s customized quotes ensure that the price you pay factors in all the features and modules in SIMMS that your business needs. For an exact customized price quote structured on your unique requirements, simply fill out the information below and we will provide you with a no-obligation quote based on the ideal product configuration to fit the needs of your business. Or if you prefer, call one of our business consultants toll-free at 1-866-888-5274.

Your detailed price quote will be customized to include:

  • Barcode scanner and data collector hardware (barcode printers, data collectors, etc.)
  • Custom programming
  • On-site training
  • Software licenses (based on the number of concurrent users)
  • Third-party software add-ons (such as Crystal Reports)
  • Training certification

ECommerce with SIMMS StoreFront


With SIMMS, you can interface to the most advanced ASP.NET shopping cart software on the planet.

SIMMS StoreFront offers secure, feature-rich e-commerce shopping cart solutions for multi-channel online sales, featuring integration with leading Accounting, Point of Sale, and Fulfillment systems like SIMMS Software. And we offer the professional services to help setup, customize, operate, and market your online store. Whether you’re a small merchant just getting started or a high-volume seller looking to streamline and upgrade your online operations, SIMMS StoreFront has an e-commerce solution to meet your needs.

SIMMS Inventory Management ERP system integration enables a seamless link between online shopping carts and offline processes. SIMMS StoreFront e-commerce platform solution integrating our new SIMMS StoreFront shopping cart platform with SIMMS Inventory Management and Accounting Software as well as CRMUnleashed systems. These new offerings enable online merchants to integrate many of their important offline systems with their online operations, streamlining the processes and reducing the costs associated with growing their online sales channels.

Analysts have recently noted that in order to be successful online, retailers must replace existing disconnected shopping cart software with new e-commerce platforms that integrate seamlessly with other critical back office systems. By offering integrations that allow merchants to synchronize their online and offline processes, including order details, inventory, product and customer information, SIMMS StoreFront is leading the market in addressing this demand.

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Email is Over-used These Days


We fire up our mail program and suddenly are inundated by an Inbox chock-full of what is basically rubbish. A recent podcast from The Economist about wikis concludes that as a professional culture we use email for something for which it was not designed. Roughly 30% of employees’ emails are spam. Not the Viagra kind of spam, but what is called “occupational” spam: emails from colleagues or new and existing companies fishing for our business.

How did email go from being a model of efficiency to something that bottlenecks our inboxes, overwhelming us with volume, and ending up stalling our productivity?

Email got its start as asynchronous communication – talking to people not online at the same time as we are. But even now that we’re more connected than ever, we continue to employ email in the same way.

Analysts recommend we use either the phone or instant messaging for the people who are around at the same time as us. For those who are not, halt! Don’t send that Word document via email; use a wiki instead.

Ask yourself: do we need a written and timed record when we ask for information or provide materials? If either qualification is unnecessary, then use a more rapid (and disposable) form of communication.

SIMMS Used by Its Own Creators


One of the things we all should consider is when someone is about to invest in a new software package, does the company that makes it and sells it actually USE it themselves? Every amendment, improvement and new feature added to SIMMS 2016 has been designed and tested by the very people who wanted it to exist. Such reliable navigation is to be expected because accurately tracking your time down to the minute, managing your stock and processing your payments – both incoming and outgoing – were initially crucial activities to our company and, thus, became a part of SIMMS 2016 so that they can remain reliable for you.

Here it is twenty years after we began and the waters are still just fine. And what’s more important, both our company and our clients are still here. It’s what we hoped for, of course, but mostly it’s what we planned for: our company and our clients’ companies all still afloat, bigger and better than ever.

It’s amazing what sound tools and dedicated work can achieve.

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