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KCSI’s Custom Programming


KCSI’s devoted team of gifted developers create custom online solutions for marketing departments and sales teams. From building an enterprise application or expanding an existing program, our Microsoft Certified developers are ready for the task. We at KCSI focus on the specific needs and aims of our customers to create customized web solutions that make things happen and improve their businesses.

While the Internet grows and changes, the needs of your business and websites follow suit. Custom web programming – and its customization – synchronizes your data, integrates data systems, and implements dynamic content and the flexibility it brings. As with everything we do, KCSI’s web solutions are built to your specific needs. Your vision and ideas define what we build. Small, medium or large, your project is the perfect size for us and just the kind of project we enjoy.

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Meet the Future with Custom Software from KCSI


If it’s a decade since you purchased a software package you are currently using a package that is likely past its prime. Unlike computers, which improve by a factor of two every year, software is usually not as quick to show improvement. Packages cannot emerge as instantly perfect as a mere machine — they need strict testing after including dozens of new ideas and refinements.

Therefore, in the ten years since you bought your package, then you need something newer and more versatile. Software in a decade, has the potential to be five times better, with five times as many features as were possible before. And it probably runs five times faster…or even faster still on a newer machine.

Software is an organism, like a creature examined under a microscope. It grows, it survives and often thrives — due to its users’ best ideas, dedicated developers and the desire to make each new version as close as it can be to this:

For an example of software with these same goals and ideals, consider custom software from KCSI to suits your business and inventory needs. Why keep an elephant when you can have a cheetah? Surge ahead of the competition with speed and style with custom software at lightning speed.

Manufacturer’s Lots


When receiving items into inventory that will be used on a specific project, the project name and number can be entered in as those items’ manufacturer’s lot information. This simple practice enables the easy selection of the stock for that project or order, merely by looking for the number of items in stock with the specific manufacturer’s lot number.

Lots can be employed using a vast variety of details and information. Some are multi-digit numbers, some are nothing but letters that spell nothing sensible to you. Some are a mix of the two. The use of manufacturer’s lots — and in-house production lots — can add much to the process of inventory accuracy while increasing tracking capabilities of any items so designated.

SIMMS 2018 Inventory software provides similar tools to further enable the accuracy and ease of item selection. Give SIMMS a free trial today by clicking here.

Why SIMMS 2018?


SIMMS 2018 is a fluid composite of every feature that our clients have requested over the dozen years it has been in existence. Having begun as a formal but modest application for managing stock in warehouses, it grew into a robust, versatile suite of tools and features to empower you to lead in all your business needs, combining full accounting and transactional capabilities, such as ordering, shipping, receiving and commerce functionality, from anywhere at any time – the true magic wand for your business.

No matter the size of your company, its industry, as straight sales or manufacturing-to-order, SIMMS 2018 has all the tools you need to handle stock, customers, vendors, manufacturing, storage, and multiple costs and prices. It’s built for users on the go. It’s made for people just like you.

Give SIMMS 2018 a free trial today and discover its speed, accuracy and ease-of-use:

A Well-Stocked Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

12 orders coming
11 typers typing
10 heapers heaping
9 with financing
8 forks a-lifting
7 bins a-hauling
6 bills of lading
5 golden things
4 dolly loads
3 bent pens
2 storage drums
and a carton left in Bay “C”.

Merry Christmas, everyone :-)

Reconciling with SIMMS

SIMMS’ Bank Reconciliation features streamline the process of performing credit card and bank reconciliations. SIMMS is easy to use, automated and very affordable.

You can avoid manual reconciliations because of their inexactitude. But no matter how often you reconcile, whether you’re in balance or not, SIMMS makes the whole mundane task both instant and straightforward. Once you’re on SIMMS’ easy-to-use interface, just point-and-click.

Process Cash Purchase Transactions
Smoothly process your cash purchase entries and split the amounts between accounts (if you need to).

Enter Credit Card Charge Transactions
Quickly enter credit card charge entries and split the amounts between accounts (if you need to).

Bank and Credit Card Accounts
SIMMS makes adding Bank and Credit Card Accounts simple with a light and quick wizard. SIMMS’ Bank Reconciliation features take all the pain out of performing credit card and bank reconciliations.

Enter Deposit Entries
Enter, edit and track your deposits with ease.

Easily Transfer Funds
Transfer funds from one account to another easily with SIMMS’ quick-as-a-wink interface.

For a free trial of SIMMS, click here:

SIMMS Inventory Features

Manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and accounting are all needs of any business that is seeking inventory management software. The minimal numbers of features in any software solution must include:

- Access to a complete financing package

- Continuity in production

- Convenience of stock within each location

- Dynamic tracking of item attributes

- Easy handling of materials

- Facilitates sale of goods

- Inbound and outbound logistics

- Internal logistics

- Inventory management

- Inventory Tracking

- Lot control

- Production centers clearly defined and optimized for performance

- Protection and preservation of goods

- Quality assurance

- Reduced risk of loss

- Regular and smooth flow of goods

- Task Management and Automation

- Tracking, tracing, and identification of items

- Useful and practical for small businessmen

This combination of features all occur in SIMMS Inventory management software. Visit or email for more information on how SIMMS is the perfect choice for your inventory and accounting control.