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SIMMS 2017: The Best Cloud-based Inventory Application



As inventory management moves into the future, a vast number of companies are moving in the direction of cloud computing. While use of cloud software shows a lowered expenditure and a quicker ROI, there are other advantages to its use.

The real-time inventory monitoring is a part of the efficiency to be gained from a cloud system. Changes in one place cause an update in numerous other places in the system. Greater access and accuracy lead to confidence in the system and reliance on its features. Tracking products and supplies then generating reports based on the results are the mark of a fluid system. Remote login to up-to-the-minute data at any time in any department in any branch anywhere is the strength. Versatility in terms of equipment used to access the data is also a benefit – Blackberries, smartphones, tablets, all are supported by quality cloud systems.

Inventory programs in cloud format also increase inter-departmental communications and increase speed and efficiency. Restocking quantities and frequency, shipment status of customer orders, support information and progress, overall operations, as well as current fiscal data are all advantages gained by a cloud experience. Profit margins and break-even points are equally accessible and available.

From small to medium-sized businesses, another advantage to online systems is their availability and affordability when compared to OOTB (out of the box) systems. Features you need can be added to the interface and tools can be customized and prioritized. Sophistication, the capacity to increase sales, the improvement of efficiency and accuracy are the marks of any good inventory system and SIMMS 2017 Inventory Management software provides all the features mentioned above. Visit or email today for more information.

KCSI and SIMMS 2017: Food Businesses


Restaurant owners and operators have many concerns in their businesses. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, all possible details can be monitored and personnel can be informed in real time. From spices, condiments and food supplies to employee shifting, wages and benefits, KCSI’s SIMMS 2017 masters the tracking of all such concerns so that your food/service business can focus on customer satisfaction and increased sales.

If you want your best qualities to be enhanced and your present shortcomings overcome, contact KCSI today to learn how.

SIMMS 2017…the Top Choice


SIMMS 2017 is the #1 cloud-based inventory solution for small business owners in the world today.


  • Coordinate billing and ordering smoothly
  • Exemplary customer support
  • Run your business in the cloud
  • Straightforward and simple to use


  • Accept online payments with 13 payment gateways
  • Create, send and manage your inventory online
  • Stay informed with one-click reporting
  • Track time and expenses

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SIMMS 2017’s Analytics


SIMMS 2107 provides the easy translation of your data into meaningful, practical information. Using a broad range of flexible analytics, budgeting and reporting options, you can consolidate everything from complex analysis to the simplest reports into data to gain a true advantage over your competition. The wealth of information you have within your company systems needs to make its way into the hands of the right personnel.

Gain Deeper Visibility

Achieve a detailed view into your accounting transactions and enable deep analysis with capabilities to organize data hierarchically for multi-level reporting. Take control of your accounting processes

Integrate Seamlessly

Find and analyze transactions with precision across your com-plete organization with seamless integration available in KCSI’s Business Solutions: SIMMS’ General Ledger, Receivables, Payables, Inventory, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Kitting and other options.

Improve Your Decision-Making

Focus on the financial data you need to make better business decisions by including or restricting report content that is relevant to your organization’s reporting needs.

Transform Your KCSI Business Solution Data

SIMMS data can be transformed into presentation-quality information so you can make better business decisions, with compelling views of business data created easier and faster than ever before.

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Important Firsts


2900 B.C.  – The Phoenicians develop an alphabet. The Sumerians develop cuneiform writing-pictographs of accounts written on clay tablets. The Egyptians develop hieroglyphic writing.

1775 B.C. – The Greeks use a phonetic alphabet written from left to right.

1400 B.C. – Oldest record of writing in China, on bones.

1270 B.C. – The first encyclopedia is written in Syria.

900 B.C.  – The very first postal service, for government use, in China.

776 B.C.  – First recorded use of homing pigeons used to send a message the winners of the Olympic Games to Athenians.

530 B.C.  – The Greeks start the very first library.

170 B.C.  Papyrus rolls and early parchments made of dried reeds-first portable and light writing surfaces.

100 B.C.  – Human messengers on foot or horseback common in Egypt and China with messenger relay stations built. Sometimes fire messages used instead of humans.

14 A.D.    – The Romans establish postal services.

37 – Heliographs: Roman Emperor Tiberius uses mirrors to send messages.

105 – Tsai Lun of China invents paper as we know it. Many say that this, along with the invention of the wheel, were what changed the world the most.

Custom Software from KCSI


At KCSI, we create software attuned directly for the needs of our clients. It could be a solution our clients wish to develop or software for some specific need when they no out-of-the-box solution can handle their needs.

Our company was founded twenty years ago as a custom software programming house and has remained as the prime purpose of its existence ever since. Our staff experience has been wide and varied and has continued to expand to new formats, platforms and technologies as they have developed. We have the experts in the wide variety of tools and languages needed to create high quality custom software that can absorb the growing needs of your business, no matter which industry or context in which it functions.

Email us at to learn how we can help your software dreams come true.

In The Team There Are Many Strengths


Assigning projects to team members will be smooth if they are assigned to those with the particular strength required. Workers who are constantly aligned to tasks within the area of their greatest skills out-produce other workers by 10%.

Now imagine a project to which has been assigned your best economist, your best artist, your best programmer, your best engineer, your best writer, and your best leader. The project would likely cost you the least, make you the most, be the most beautiful and most successful project ever undertaken.

True efficiency results when the best talents produce the most proficient and on-the-mark project ever produced. Happy customers and satisfied team members are a brilliant by-product, leading to increasing enthusiasm from all.

Inventory Turnover Ratio


The inventory turnover ratio (ITR) gauges the number of times stock has been turned over (replaced and sold) in a year. ITR is a sound indicator of stock management, accurate buying practices and consistent stock quality (whether the items are obsolete or not). It is assessed by dividing total purchases by average stock in a given period.

Measuring your stock turnover is important because gross profit is earned each time such turnover occurs. This ratio can enable you to see where you might improve your purchasing practices and stock management. For example, you could analyze your buying patterns as well as those of your clients to determine ways to reduce the amount of stock on hand. You may wish to turn some of your obsolete items into cash by selling it at a discount. The ITR also will indicate if your stock levels are too low and if you’re missing out on sales opportunities.

The formula is:


ITR =      ——————————–


At KCSI, our experience with, and knowledge of, stock management grows daily by leaps and bounds. Our in-house experts can advise you on precisely what you need to stay on top of your business, keep ahead of your competitors, and optimize your profit margin.

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