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SIMMS Inventory Features

Manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and accounting are all needs of any business that is seeking inventory management software. The minimal numbers of features in any software solution must include:

- Access to a complete financing package

- Continuity in production

- Convenience of stock within each location

- Dynamic tracking of item attributes

- Easy handling of materials

- Facilitates sale of goods

- Inbound and outbound logistics

- Internal logistics

- Inventory management

- Inventory Tracking

- Lot control

- Production centers clearly defined and optimized for performance

- Protection and preservation of goods

- Quality assurance

- Reduced risk of loss

- Regular and smooth flow of goods

- Task Management and Automation

- Tracking, tracing, and identification of items

- Useful and practical for small businessmen

This combination of features all occur in SIMMS Inventory management software. Visit or email for more information on how SIMMS is the perfect choice for your inventory and accounting control.

The Cost of Replenishment


The cost of replenishment is calculated on a per item, per order basis. This is because it takes the same amount of internal effort to determine how much of each item you want, from which supplier, at what pricing, terms, and so on, no matter which item is being considered and no matter how many items there are on any given purchase order.

Therefore, if the R Factor is $8.00 per item on each order, and there is a single item on an order, the replenishment cost is $0.00. If there are two items, the total is $16.00. If there are three items, it’s $24.00, etc.

To calculate your cost of replenishment, use this formula:

Total Annual Costs

———————————–        = Replenishment Factor

Total Times Stock Items

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Anticipating Needed Stock


Often the purchase of stock items may seem to require some sort of clairvoyance to know the quantities that customers will want. SIMMS Inventory Management software will enable users to set up blocks of time — known as stages — during which such transitive items can be bought in advance of the systematic ‘rushes’ that occur throughout a financial quarter or term. Analytical reports on usage and inventory turnover can help the pattern be spotted long before the rush comes.

“Anticipatory inventory” is stock that is stacked or held by a company to provide for unanticipated demands for a product that cannot be met by the production team. In other words, if the production unit suddenly goes on a strike, finished goods will not roll out of the factory. When this happens, business’ sales are likely to be effected. But proactive companies with anticipatory inventory would be able to supply during such crises and ensure that the sales do not suffer. Anticipatory inventory is only a temporary answer and can handle sales demands until the existing stock units are depleted.

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KCSI and SIMMS 2017: Food Businesses


Restaurant owners and operators have many concerns in their businesses. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, all possible details can be monitored and personnel can be informed in real time. From spices, condiments and food supplies to employee shifting, wages and benefits, KCSI’s SIMMS 2017 masters the tracking of all such concerns so that your food/service business can focus on customer satisfaction and increased sales.

If you want your best qualities to be enhanced and your present shortcomings overcome, contact KCSI today to learn how.

Make time with SIMMS 2017


Technology has granted us all more time by creating shortcuts for us to manage our tasks and schedules in a more timely manner.

SIMMS Inventory Management software streamlines many of our necessary stock activities and time-management responsibilities into one package. You can prioritize tasks so that the most pressing issues are cleared from the deck first. You can set reorder points for items that are unique to each location in which they are stored. You can check on supply lead times to know which vendors have never let you down. You can manage your locations first within SIMMS before you commit to the redistribution of the stock in reality.

Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS can help you take mastery of your time concerns and make every accounting and inventory detail accurate and easy.

SIMMS 2017 and VMIs


For your Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) system to succeed, concerns of both your sales force and your distributors need to be resolved.

Here’s a list of the principal ways that such issues can be addressed:

  • Employ a complete working model of your proposed VMI model in an off-line instance before actually putting one in place at your company;
  • Implement a start-up program with vendor-owned warehouses to prove that your system works, and then do the same later with a distributor-owned warehouse, once the distributor’s questions and concerns have been shown to be minor.
  • Institute your sales team as marketers for the VMI model and initiate bonuses for them for each new client they bring in.
  • Make the process palatable to manufacturers by including their promotions in your establishment/transition period.
  • Use someone as a broker for the initial meetings you have with distributors, members of your sales team and vendors. Take their objective advice to heart and make sure the decisions address concerns of yours and those in your supply chain.

VMIs can only succeed if your supply chain contributes to a mutual benefit of your business and theirs. As an increasing number of companies gravitate into the VMI model, more information on how it works the best becomes available.

SIMMS 2017 is an evolving accounting and inventory package that embraces the VMI model. We at KCSI look forward to helping you achieve your VMI goals, with SIMMS as your primary package. Give SIMMS a free trial now here:


SIMMS 2017…the Top Choice


SIMMS 2017 is the #1 cloud-based inventory solution for small business owners in the world today.


  • Coordinate billing and ordering smoothly
  • Exemplary customer support
  • Run your business in the cloud
  • Straightforward and simple to use


  • Accept online payments with 13 payment gateways
  • Create, send and manage your inventory online
  • Stay informed with one-click reporting
  • Track time and expenses

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Track Serial Numbers with SIMMS 2017


SIMMS 2017’s Serial Number Tracking system manages an unlimited amount of serial numbers from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are issued. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information.

The information maintained by the Serial Number Tracking system is extremely helpful when returning a defective item to your vendor or when verifying a returned item from your customer. There will be no more endless searching through filing cabinets when you have the SIMMS Inventory Management system. Instead, the information is right at your fingertips, saving you both time and money.

SIMMS Serial Number features:

  • Assign serial numbers to items during or immediately following receipt of goods.
  • Assign serial numbers to your finished kit builds.
  • Assign up to two unique serial numbers per item.
  • Automatically generate your serial numbers or secondary user serial numbers with ease.
  • Drill down and view serial numbers related to items received or transferred and/or sold.
  • Easily assign serial numbers for kit components during a kit build.
  • Easily assign/sell serial numbers during or following the invoice.
  • Easily integrate barcode reader for items with serial number barcodes.
  • Easily select serial numbers during an inventory transfer.
  • Report on serial number activity by date, location or serial number.
  • Serial numbers can be entered/sold randomly or sequentially.
  • Trace a serial number in the system in little time.
  • Track specific cost by serial number sold.

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SIMMS’ Point of Sale


SIMMS POS (Point of Sale) software takes cash register automation to a whole new level.

Due to breakthrough functionality, SIMMS’ POS makes it easy to setup, manage and process sales transactions for your retail outlet. You can spend more time to focusing on enhancing your customers’ shopping experience.

You can track customer purchases and habits, administration, charge account management and shelf printing included in one seamless integrated solution. Imagine powerful accounting capabilities, enhanced inventory control space management all being offered in one system.

You can also:

  • Secure cash transactions
  • Install, manage and operate with ease
  • Improve sales productivity
  • Grow your business as your company grows
  • Gain the tools necessary to increase sales and gain greater profits
  • Automate your business quickly and easily
  • Make the task of taking daily inventory of stock simple
  • Expand customer and vendor management with ease

SIMMS’ POS is a full featured point of sale software solution that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the SIMMS modular package to combine functionality and information for more effective cash management. Information is displayed in a familiar Windows graphical format that is known for its incredible flexibility and simplicity.

Providing a true small-to-large market retail business system, it is designed from the ground up to be a complete retail business management solution. Created for both today’s and tomorrow’s retail environment, it offers you the cutting edge technology and the instant integration that will lead your business into the future.

Achieve the growth you need to succeed in the future with SIMMS’ POS.