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Lot Tracking with SIMMS 2018


The ability to track component lots from raw material to finished product shipped to customers is a key requirement for many companies. SIMMS 2018 Inventory Management Software provides this functionality for either stocked parts. Upon receipt of lots from a vendor or from manufacturing, lot traceability provides where-used and lots-used visibility. An optional feature is the ability to designate a group of attributes that can be collected and tracked for each lot. These attributes follow the lot for the history of the lot record in the system, providing for historical quality references even after shipment.

The ability to track serialized and lot-related parts to a customer is important for warranty and service management. SIMMS 2018 provides the ability to create serial numbers and manufacturer lots at any time during manufacturing. Finished products are assigned serial numbers and/or manufacturing lots and when shipped to the customer, the serial numbers and manufacturing lots used are saved to history, providing their traceability against the original customer order.

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KCSI and SIMMS 2017: Food Businesses


Restaurant owners and operators have many concerns in their businesses. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, all possible details can be monitored and personnel can be informed in real time. From spices, condiments and food supplies to employee shifting, wages and benefits, KCSI’s SIMMS 2017 masters the tracking of all such concerns so that your food/service business can focus on customer satisfaction and increased sales.

If you want your best qualities to be enhanced and your present shortcomings overcome, contact KCSI today to learn how.

The Advantages of Choosing KCSI Software


The advantages of choosing KCSI Software are numerous. Here are just some of them:

  • Current .NET technology – KCSI employs Microsoft’s most recent .NET capabilities, adding software flexibility and long-lasting compatibility.
  • Current Database Technologies – KCSI always employs the most current SQL Server technology, enhancing its data security, greater scalability and higher stability as a software solution.
  • Design by business owners like yourself– KCSI software is designed for business owners by business owners.
  • Instant Market Leadership – For more than two decades, KCSI has served numerous organizations in many different businesses.
  • Quick Return On InvestmentKCSI software brings a high and rapid return on investment by improving your revenues, inventory control and business efficiency, all the while keeping your inventory management costs low.
  • Rapid Enhancement Roll-Ups – With KCSI, any free SIMMS enhancement request will be added to the upcoming releases, or, if you need a modification now, we can tailor the software to your needs with very little extra cost, giving you immediate results.
  • Short Installation – KCSI needs only a tiny implementation cycle –from two days to a week. This is a major reason KCSI software is popular in developing nations.
  • Simple Report Customization and Export Functionality– KCSI helps you to export and customize all reports within the program in addition to add your own reports to fit whatever unique needs you may have. Using Crystal Reports, you can make and/or modify new/existing reports.
  • Speedy Growth and Improvement – KCSI software goes through rapid change, enhancements, adjustments and growth to suit your demands.
  • Versatile Financing Options – KCSI provides attractive leasing options to give the flexibility you need in acquiring not only the SIMMS software solution but that desired hardware to run your business more efficiently.

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Track Serial Numbers with SIMMS 2017


SIMMS 2017’s Serial Number Tracking system manages an unlimited amount of serial numbers from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are issued. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information.

The information maintained by the Serial Number Tracking system is extremely helpful when returning a defective item to your vendor or when verifying a returned item from your customer. There will be no more endless searching through filing cabinets when you have the SIMMS Inventory Management system. Instead, the information is right at your fingertips, saving you both time and money.

SIMMS Serial Number features:

  • Assign serial numbers to items during or immediately following receipt of goods.
  • Assign serial numbers to your finished kit builds.
  • Assign up to two unique serial numbers per item.
  • Automatically generate your serial numbers or secondary user serial numbers with ease.
  • Drill down and view serial numbers related to items received or transferred and/or sold.
  • Easily assign serial numbers for kit components during a kit build.
  • Easily assign/sell serial numbers during or following the invoice.
  • Easily integrate barcode reader for items with serial number barcodes.
  • Easily select serial numbers during an inventory transfer.
  • Report on serial number activity by date, location or serial number.
  • Serial numbers can be entered/sold randomly or sequentially.
  • Trace a serial number in the system in little time.
  • Track specific cost by serial number sold.

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SIMMS’ Point of Sale


SIMMS POS (Point of Sale) software takes cash register automation to a whole new level.

Due to breakthrough functionality, SIMMS’ POS makes it easy to setup, manage and process sales transactions for your retail outlet. You can spend more time to focusing on enhancing your customers’ shopping experience.

You can track customer purchases and habits, administration, charge account management and shelf printing included in one seamless integrated solution. Imagine powerful accounting capabilities, enhanced inventory control space management all being offered in one system.

You can also:

  • Secure cash transactions
  • Install, manage and operate with ease
  • Improve sales productivity
  • Grow your business as your company grows
  • Gain the tools necessary to increase sales and gain greater profits
  • Automate your business quickly and easily
  • Make the task of taking daily inventory of stock simple
  • Expand customer and vendor management with ease

SIMMS’ POS is a full featured point of sale software solution that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the SIMMS modular package to combine functionality and information for more effective cash management. Information is displayed in a familiar Windows graphical format that is known for its incredible flexibility and simplicity.

Providing a true small-to-large market retail business system, it is designed from the ground up to be a complete retail business management solution. Created for both today’s and tomorrow’s retail environment, it offers you the cutting edge technology and the instant integration that will lead your business into the future.

Achieve the growth you need to succeed in the future with SIMMS’ POS.

Performing Stock Counts with SIMMS

A worker counting the ready products stacked on the shelves in a factory storeroom.

SIMMS Inventory Management provides you the features you require to perform and streamline physical inventory counts. Integrating numerous Stock Count features with our stock management system with data collectors help your stock-counters gain efficiency and speed by scanning barcodes instead of hand-writing quantity details on a clipboard. SIMMS compares its quantities with the details from your data collector to determine any variance that may have occurred. Then review discrepancies prior to finalizing your Stock Count to see if you need to conduct a re-count.

SIMMS Stock Counting features include:

– Create adjustment documents can be created from the stock counts and are recorded and linked to the stock counts for a comprehensive audit trail.

– Decide if you want your physical count to match the theoretical stock at the beginning of an adjustment or you can decide to “zero out” your stock for all items prior to beginning the count.

– Freeze stock from being used while the count is taking place or opt to do a “snapshot” (in order to reduce the interruption to operations).

– Import physical quantity details using data collectors or enter them manually.

– Item quantity details and system costs can be hidden from your stock-counters to help you ensure more accurate counts. Inventory values can be displayed at any time to managers who need this information.

– Print a Variance Report for viewing the discrepancies in the physical and system quantities in terms of percentages, units of measure, and/or values.

– Produce Stock Count documents easily and quickly created for specific items and stock bins making it possible for you to instantly compare physically-counted item quantities to the “system quantity” at that moment in SIMMS.

– Track stock counts in stages that match your current workflow. Stock-counters can enter the data, have it reviewed by managers and then accounting staff can make the final adjustments.

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Mastering Backorders with SIMMS


Enormous numbers of backorders at one time can be processed by using the Fulfillment Manager or a simple few backordered items by employing SIMMS’ Backorder Manager. Once you begin using it, you will always be aware of what your customers are waiting for as well as what the current stock status is, while you gain the ability to fulfill your customer backorders.

With SIMMS, you can:

– Create Backorder Fill Reports to let you see what orders can be filled using your current stock

– Easily review your fulfillment requirements and take action for hundreds and thousands of orders at once when you use the feature-rich Fulfillment Manager

– Employ the Fulfillment Manager to review your sales demand and smoothly fill huge numbers of sales orders at one time, generate purchase orders to fill shortages, and transfer items in from alternate locations to fulfill the requirements.

– Generate Purchase Orders for your backorders at any time, and receive their contents all at once or in partial allotments

– Print Backorder Status reports to let you know where your stock falls short and which orders are yet to be fulfilled.

The solution to your backorder challenges are at your fingertips with SIMMS Inventory/Accounting software. For a free trial of SIMMS, click here:


The Tool Crib: SIMMS’ Great New Feature


SIMMS 2017’s Tool Crib provides a powerful equipment and tool management system that allows organizations in any industry to gain control of their tools, equipment or even firearms inventory. SIMMS helps companies of all sizes maximize equipment and tool utilization and improve productivity by ensuring the right tool is in the right place when it is needed.

Using a comprehensive tool, location, serial number and employee database, coupled with a simple and accurate bar-code based transaction system, SIMMS’ Tool Crib tracks the issue and return of assets to employees and contractors, and the transfer of assets between various warehouse, job-site and tool room locations (even if you employ fleet vehicles as locations).

By using SIMMS’ Tool Crib, site managers will have accurate, up-to-date inventories of their tools and equipment, which could significantly reduce the volume of tools and equipment that get lost, hoarded or removed from the work site. You can easily manage your equipment and tool inventory using scanner and bar code technology, enabling workers to quickly get and return the tools they require with or without a tool crib attendant while keeping the employee accountable for them.

Workers simply scan their ID Card badges to start the process and then scan the item bar-code and/or item serial number of the item(s) they are utilizing, then the workers confirm that the list matches their inventory and then choose whether they are checking out or returning inventory. Each and every time that item is checked out or checked in the transactions are recorded in your system, time-stamped, attributed to the user allowing you to see who performed the transactions and why.

SIMMS’ Tool Crib is the module you need to achieve complete control over your tools and equipment. Give it a free trial today:

SIMMS 2016’s Accounts Receivable

A comprehensive module, SIMMS 2016’ Accounts Receivable also integrates with the General Ledger and the rest of the SIMMS Software suite of modules.

  • Batch Invoice Printing: Easily select a batch of customers along with various other options and process batch invoicing as you required.
  • Payment Processing: SIMMS’ Accounts Receivable module allows you to process payments for customers, enabling them to pay in any currency by cash, cheque, credit card or by applying existing credits on the Easy Payment window.
  • Cash Receipts Processing: Automatically apply cash receipts against the oldest invoices or against specific invoices. This allows you to post miscellaneous cash receipts directly against General Ledger accounts and process any pre-payments against invoices not yet recorded.
  • Multiple Credit Cards: Store multiple credit cards per customer, including cardholder name and billing address. Storing this information for each credit card allows you to take advantage of the AVS (Address Verification Service).
  • Credit Card Processing for Cash Receipts: Posting of credit card payments can be done with ease in SIMMS with the 3rd-party plug-in to Synapse Gateway (Synapse account required).
  • Statement Printing: Print statements for a billing cycle, either monthly or quarterly, on standard or custom forms for either one customer or multiple customers.
  • Invoice Entry: Automatically calculate due dates, discount due dates, discount amounts, and commission amounts for invoice entries. Enter unlimited sales codes, miscellaneous charges, and add comment lines for each invoice in an easy-to-use grid-based Entry window.
  • Manual Cheque Entry: Write ‘on-the-fly’ cheques with little effort, enabling the repayment of your customers’ back credits when such requirements arise.
  • Invoice History Printing: Print history invoices for customer numbers, invoice numbers and invoice dates. Re-print Accounts Receivable invoices separately or invoices from the drill-down window in Invoice History.

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