Taking The Temperature

Suppose you’re in the need for a checkup…not for your health but for your business. Do you often find that stock you thought you had is oddly missing from where it’s supposed to be? Was something that was needed for the next order to a customer been suddenly moved someplace else and the movement has now caused a delay or forced you to reorder another piece? The solution is to acquire an inventory software package that monitors ALL your stock EVERYWHERE it may be and, better yet, prevents such losses or movements from occurring. SIMMS Inventory Management software solution is just the answer for your business, large or small. No matter the particular twists of your industry or the size of your stock locations, SIMMS fits itself to your needs easily and quickly while saving you enough time and money to blow off some steam. Visit www.kornyk.com today to keep your stock where you need it.

When Work Just Seems to Flow…

We all should take — or make — time to smell the flowers, to enjoy the simple things in life, and especially we should remember that life for us only comes around once. We each lead separate lives, despite our common experiences as we grow. And most of us — practically ALL of us — have to contend with what we do for a living. We need to earn and pay and earn more and pay more and so on. So our abilities to do our jobs are never solely based on our acquired skills or our natural born talent. We still employ tools to achieve the results of our labors. Some are fortunate to have the use of wonderful tools, that make work so easy at times that it resembles play. The tools fit our hands, and produce the results we wanted, seemingly every time. This most often goes beyond any ergonomic designs, it’s simply because we are using the right tools for the job. When it comes to the tedious but necessary process of taking stock of supplies — of ANY materials, honestly — wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to make it quicker and easier? If you give to put accurate inventory management as a higher priority for your business but don’t want to devote hours and hours to toward that goal, visit www.kornyk.com today and have a quick look at SIMMS Inventory Management solution to get the very tool you’ve been missing all this time to make work as enjoyable as play.

We Use It…and So Should You

KCSI uses its own SIMMS Inventory Management software because they know it works. We have a hands-on experience with SIMMS and have contributed to its changes and enhancements as needs have arisen from the regular process of doing business. Each year sees at least three major and more than twenty minor enhancements to the software. With a large team of programmers at our elbow eases the implementation of these changes and enhancements into a smooth and simple process — and you will experience equal ease as soon as you opt for the tried-and-tested SIMMS.

Combine with this a cost effectiveness that we maintain, so that users can both afford and realize their needs in the same way we have realized our needs. KCSI provides flexible payment options so that you will see an immediate return on your investment due to SIMMS’ built-in processes to  increase your revenues, optimize your inventory control and streamline your business effectiveness, all while retaining minimal inventory control costs.

There are many inventory management software programs out there to choose from for your business. But KCSI is a very different company than any others out there because it retains a stake in the efficiency and versatility of SIMMS Inventory Control software, We use it to succeed, and when you choose it, we make sure that you benefit from its rich features because we have benefitted from them first.

Your Solution Today AND Tomorrow

To become a versatile industry leader requires the deployment of a comprehensive inventory software, that can handle the specifics of a wide range of industries, such as apparel, aerospace, manufacturing, sporting goods, and many more. SIMMS Inventory Management software has years of experience and practical application in all these industries.

Versatile analytics are at the core of SIMMS, helping you to critically assess and then plan the growth of  your business, by transforming data into practical decisions. Rich in features, SIMMS Inventory Management software gives you a range of reports that are customizable to leave your options open, and which display the advanced analysis needed by those who decide things for your company.

SIMMS Inventory Management software is THE solution that provides all your needs both for today and tomorrow.

Accountability First

SIMMS Accounting features include numerous details of accounting management.  It contains many advanced management features for financial success and tracking, all with an ease of use and with the richness of a complete solution that works seamlessly with the inventory side of your business management.

SIMMS Accounting contains advanced budgeting and allocations, currency trader and multicurrency management, as well as cash and fixed asset management. These tools permit users to proceed and succeed smoothly as your business continues to grow.

Both flexible and fully customizable, it can meet any of your company’s requirements, and works smoothly in combination with existing software. Balance between accounting and inventory processes has never been tighter than within SIMMS, the comprehensive accounting and inventory solution.

Stock — Pluses and Minuses

When making up sales orders, sometimes users may want to create them while not having the necessary quantitiy on hand. Negative stock enables users to create those sales orders, save them, and then enventually through the use of backordering, to receive the stock into their warehouses and replace the negative stock with actual items at some future date.

While companies should always fear the over-investment in stock that just sits in the warehouse that will eventually be used one day, a larger concern is that stock that is required immediately has yet to be ordered for projects with medium-length deadlines for completion. If the stock is there when it is needed, this leads to greater customer satisfaction and less interruptions to throughput — choose SIMMS Inventory Management software to help you stay ahead of what is needed.

The need for order flow keeps those involved in warehouse management aware of precisely how many orders have been created and how many units of inventory stock items they will need. In such cases, the purchase orders placed with their company’s various vendors. This streamlines the process by reducing the number of purchase orders created in the system, and enables the items placed on negative stock to be added to existing purchase orders before they go out. SIMMS Inventory Management software incorporates the concept of negative stock, which can be one of the most useful concepts for many businesses to coordinate their stock orders.

To Print Or Not To Print

Each company has its own requirements in regard to the number of trees that it will use each year. Some require everything to be printed, some everything in triplicate, and some only need analytical reports to be in hard copy form. Many firms run as close to a paperless system as they can. SIMMS Inventory Management software permits a company to set its own defaults in regard to what they actually print out and what they don’t.

From SIMMS’ Global Settings screen, users can select which transactional docoments they want automatically, which ones they want to be prompted to print, and which ones they never want as hard copies. These options for quotes, picking sheets, sales orders, purchase orders, receipts of goods, invoices, invoice packing slips, bills of lading, barcodes on receipt, item transfers and depreciation reports can each be set in the system to observe the above criteria — automatically, every time.

Further options for inclusion on printouts are serial numbers, item details, extended descriptions, valued backorder items and components of kits (BOM). These printout options are yet another group of features easily set and easily used within SIMMS Inventory Management solution. Contact KCSI today for more information on how SIMMS can move you ahead of your competition and stay there.

Automatic Lot Selection

SIMMS Inventory Management software permits a default setting for how your instance of the program will use manufacturer’s lots. From the Global Settings screen, users may select from three methods of lot selection: By Entry Order, By Expiration Date, or By Manual Selection.

If your system holds stock that has been in storage for a long period of time, then the By Entry Order method is for you. Thus if you get an order for 50 widgets from a customer, received fifty of them a month ago, and another fifty last week, SIMMS will select the widgets on the sales order/invoice that entered the system first — establishing a FIFO (first-in, first-out) system of selection.

If your system contains stock items with expiration dates, then the By Expiration Date method is for you. SIMMS will automatically choose the number of items you need from amongst those with the earliest expiration dates first.

The By Manual Selection method is available for users who want to manually select the items they need at the time, based upon no particular criteria.

Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS can help you automatically select items with manufacturer’s lots and expiration dates.