SQL 101

In the modern instances of database management, Structured Query Language enables a versatile communication with the data that SIMMS Inventory Management solution retains for its users. Simple and direct lines of SQL make checking of data easy for those administrators with experience and knowledge of the limitless capabilities of SQL make data checking and database table structures make the designing of custom report structures very easy to understand. Call KCSI today to discover more about the use of SQL in SIMMS Inventory Management software.

Overturn Your Turnover

Often we wonder how to improve our turnover rates, which are the true mark of inventory management success. Having the stock on hand to easily fill any orders made by customers is the ideal, because inventory is only worthwhile if it is available when it is needed, so that the goal of converting it back into capital as soon — and as often — as possible can be met. With SIMMS Inventory Management software you can track the items that sell, as well as the ones that don’t, and make quick improvements to your bottom line. Contact KCSI today to learn more about the advantages that SIMMS can bring to your business.

Where Their Stock Is

Often in inventory management you are required to store stock at your location that belongs to clients, whether in a simple item storage scenario or, more often, in the case of consigned goods. SIMMS Inventory Management software allows for the creation of allotted areas (sub-locations) that can be assigned to such clients or customers. When the time comes that the client calls and asks for a stock report of their goods, it’s easy to produce since their stock items reside in these pre-set areas (either virtual or actual). Contact KCSI today to learn more about the use of locations to streamline the management of all inventory under your control.

The Flow of Info

Getting information to those who need it is a daunting task at times. So many different software packages open on your desktop and you have to pull this string of data from Program One and find a way to get it into Program Two and then into the hands of someone who has neither program. With SIMMS Inventory Management System, you can compile all relevant data into a single report and then send that report to whomever you need to deliver it. Contact KCSI today to learn how SIMMS can make your data delivery as easy as a conversation.

Get Inventory Off Your Back

Many new methods and practices regarding inventory appear all the time, and older systems are falling into disuse because they often create more problems than they solve. If you have inventory in your holding areas for long periods of time then you’re not making back the costs of those goods, never mind the profits included in your sales prices. Your suppliers/vendors/manufacturers require — and provide — storage space for the items they produce or fabricate. With every customer order that comes in, why not take advantage of the suppliers’ storage instead of using yours? Contact KCSI today to learn how to make yourself more profits while keeping your on-site stock concerns to a minimum. Inventory shouldn’t sit and weigh you down — it should sell and make you money.

Where IS That Thing…?

Countless times, items ordered into stock get placed wherever convenient — on the corner of a shelf, a bench beside where it is supposed to be, into a bin with other items whose packaging looks similar. Misplaced or missing stock can become a thing of the past if you employ two things at your business. One is an inventory employee who is responsible and understanding of the stock system you have implemented. The second is SIMMS Inventory Management software who let that employee do their job. Whether using a data collector on their belt, a wireless laptop tucked under their arm or a desktop computer functioning at the Receiving Desk, SIMMS will help your business succeed in making sure that every widget matches your budget. You should never settle for anything less.

No Matter Where Your Customers Stand

The SIMMS Inventory Management Solution handles the requirements of small and large companies to provide the people in your warehouse, people working from home, on the highway, in the office, at the cash register, in hotel rooms anywhere on the planet, or standing face-to-face with a with the stock and analytical data they need to provide the best in service, information and support. Order can be placed, checked, confirmed, and shipped in moments. Gain the advantage over the competition and make SIMMS your choice for inventory management.

Which One Is The Stock Guy?

Too often businesses wait and wait before realizing the importance of having someone serve as their inventory specialist. Inventory is too often handed to someone unfamiliar and unprepared. There is always someone who has the natural skill set to do well in such an important position. Never choose just anybody. Give the inventory tasks to several within your organization and you’ll soon discover which person has the natural talent. The ones with ideas for improvement and the ability to both voice and implement the ideas are a valued asset to your company. Don’t waste people where they will not excel — put the best people into every department if you truly wish to succeed. Once your inventory person is chosen, everyone else must know it, and further know that he or she will be using THE state-of-the-art inventory management solution: SIMMS. Don’t waste either time OR talent: contact KCSI today to help us help you improve your business with the right software in the hands of the right person.

Having a Counter That Counts

In any retail outlet, a comprehensive solution must exist for customer satisfaction to truly exist. The person behind the counter needs to be able to process a sale from start to finish and handle variations, items on special, and customers returning goods for credit or cash. SIMMS Inventory Management software has a stand-alone POS (Point of Sale) module that links prefectly with SIMMS’ inventory management capabilities, making ordering in more stock and submitting stock to the items’ warranty holders and entering sales into your Accounts Receivable and accounting software a snap. Contact KCSI today about SIMMS and POS in order for you to stop worrying about your sales counter. Double data entry is singularly a waste of time and money.

Cost Plus What Equals What Else?

The calculatation of landed costs for your stock items can require a slide rule, an abacus and a compass at times. Lacking familiarity with the correct formulas needed to calculate the numbers you need before your markup goes on top can make this a challenge to the best of your inventory personnel. SIMMS Inventory Management solution automatically calculates landed costing for you, assuring the accuracy of your projected profits and letting you focus more time on other matters. Contact KCSI today to get SIMMS to take care of this task automatically for you.