Majority Report

SIMMS Inventory Management solution provides its users with a multitude of reports from which they can assess the progress and process of their business. From inventory to sales to stock levels, rich reports provide all the pertinent data. Combined with these practical and basic reports comes the versatility of Crystal Reports’ customizability, which allows users to build or augment reports so that additional details and criteria can be assessed. Contact KCSI today to discover the richness of SIMMS reporting features.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

SIMMS Inventory Management software eases the flow of crediting customers running accounts from returned items and sales transactions. Accounting modules make these processes simple so that SIMMS users don’t get bogged down in a lot of complicated and demanding screens and can focus on the ebb-and-flow of daily transactions. Contact KCSI today to find out more.

Building Blocks

SIMMS Inventory Management system, by necessity, must handle all aspects of a company’s stock coordination requirements. In any manufacturing scenario, supply preparation and processing are vital steps to the completion of BOM projects. Therefore, all impediments to each step of the process need to be both smooth and reliable. SIMMS allows users to view and improve each of the set steps in any project. Contact KCSI today with your questions about the challenges you face in your kit/BOM process.

The Search for Stock

You remember, the blue thingmie that fits on the flange of the whatsit…we had some somewhere here. With the SIMMS Inventory Management solution, users no longer need to be so vague about their items. Items searches are possible by using a multitude of criteria, filters and imagery to find the actual names and numbers of those thingmies you seek. And with SIMMS’s versatile location management you’ll know precisely where they are. Contact KCSI today to learn more about these simple but important features.

Security Blankets

The SIMMS Inventory Management system enables users to keep confident of their data and system. Firstly, backups of SIMMS Installer files should be made each time a service pack or full version is released. Secondly, company files (databases) can be backed up as often as one’s in-house IT Department schedules them. If each week sees dozens of transactions occurring then weekly backups are advised and can be performed manually by any administrative user. Contact KCSI today to learn the simple step to accomplish true security of your SIMMS system.

Keeping Track

New orders come in all the time, and we all need to know we can acquire the stock we need from vendors. The secret is to have several vendors for our items and we need a smooth system in place to optimize our timeline to satisfy our customers. SIMMS Inventory Management software permits the coordination of an unlimited number of vendors, each of which may have particular references to their stock items. Contact KCSI today to discover how well SIMMS suits your inventory needs.

When We All Make Money…

A good Supply Chain Management solution provides a comprehensive series of features to support end-to-end processes including incentive management to help companies better manage vendor negotiations, commissions, discounts and incentive plans. When all sections of the puzzle from suppliers to customers to sales personnel to business administrators are all on the same virtual page and all have something to gain, then a mutual system is of benefit to all involved. Let SIMMS Inventory Management software solution help you to gain a better foothold with each deal so that your customer base is happy and coming back to you, and not moving on to someone else.

The Native Of The Returns

A good Supply Chain Management solution provides a comprehensive series of features to support end-to-end processes including return management to accelerate the inspection and handling of defective goods, and automate the processing of claims with suppliers and insurance companies. Handling all lapses in your customers’ workflow can be one of the most important challenges faced by any inventory system, and SIMMS automates item and RMA tracking so they they become second nature to both your users and your customers alike. Communication and order flow must be optimized so that you can handle every sudden development as they occur. Contact KCSI today to learn more about this vital process.

Want Nought Waste

A good Supply Chain Management solution provides a comprehensive series of features to support end-to-end processes including supply chain planning to improve all related operations by enabling accurate demand forecasting, improving order promising, and eliminating manufacturing over-runs. SIMMS Inventory Management software allows for the review of all processes in place within your business. Comprehensive and customizable reporting features, progress printouts and stock forecasting features make your plans — and adjustments — both easy to understand and to implement. Contact KCSI today to learn how SIMMS can make your plans a reality.