Getting What You Want

Profit is the dominant factor in all business — it solves most problems and opens many doors for expansion, to personnel and with planning. With SIMMS Inventory Management software you gain the edge by always knowing where your Profit Line is, and allows you to begin the steps towards where you want it to be. From a wide array of reports users can choose the criteria on which they base their improvements and keep track from week-to-week or choose longer terms for analysis. Contact KCSI today to discover more about how SIMMS can add to your profits.

A Cricket in the Church

Poring over pages of data to assess your business, always look for the odd one fact that stands out — the so-called ‘cricket in the church’. It is ALWAYS significant, and either for good or bad. With hundreds of reports built in, SIMMS Inventory Management software helps you find that blatant example, and can help you either augment its success or eliminate its disastrous tendencies. Contact KCSI today to learn more about the SIMMS’ features that will help you the most.

Wham BOM Thank You Ma’am

With SIMMS Inventory Management system, kitting becomes easy and intuitive. If you assemble products before shipping them, add alternate items during a kit build, set component quantities as adjustable, use serial numbers and/or manufacturer’s lots, or wish to disassemble existing kits to get components back into inventory, then
SIMMS is for you. Contact KCSI today to find out more.

Success and Succession

Very often, businesses are not prepared to handle the transition from becoming successful to retaining success. SIMMS Inventory Management software has the wherewithal to show your sales increases and product turnover when it begins, not like other softwares that only alerts you once you’re in the midst of a flurry. When receiving will get in the way of the two shipments that needed to leave hours ago, you need to know before the rush, not once it’s too late. Contact KCSI today to discover how SIMMS can help you plan for your busier business.

Lifting the Shop Beats Shoplifting

The main reason new businesses fail is due to employee fraud. It is a depressing fact but a significant one. Your cash till and your stock require the same level of secure control. With the SIMMS Inventory Management solution, physical counts of both cash and inventory can be conducted as often as is desired, so that all significant figures can be confirmed, leaving it up to the person who last was on shift. As shifts and all their details can easily be created within SIMMS — contact KCSI today to learn how.

Totals Recall

When performing physical counts, users of SIMMS Inventory Management software can look back at previous counts and the dates on which they were performed. The option also exists where the entire system can be locked so that no changes to stock counts can be performed while the physical count is in progress. Ultimately, therefore, comparisons between counts are easily made. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how your physical count needs.

Dots and Dashes

Here at KCSI we understand every industry has unique demands and SIMMS offers the most practical barcode, label-making module in the industry. Whether labels need to be printed for just one item or entire categories of items SIMMS can do both, SIMMS is compatible with plain laser printers, specialized dot matrix printers and thermal barcode printers. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS Inventory Management solution can help you streamline your inventory.