Something Old, Something New

Often times when we receive things that are advertised as “new and improved”, it takes us more time than practical to adapt to the changes. This down time is detrimental in any form of business. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, you never need be thrown by some new screen or feature that has been moved or functions in a different manner. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how the version of SIMMS you’ve always enjoyed has become more improved — and less confusing.

Wild at Parts

A modern stockroom, no matter the size, can be a fury of chaos during busy hours. A truly intuitive inventory tracking system — like SIMMS — has to be used methodically in order for its benefits to be noticed. Before they grab, they need to tab: first the knowledge that Widget One will be used in the project or in the shipment, then the entry of the use of Widget One into SIMMS, and lastly the physical removal of the item from its storage location. It seems to be a simple philosophy, but in moments of rush and madness entries are forgotten, so they must be done FIRST, not last. Contact KCSI today to learn more ways that SIMMS can benefit your business.

Old Items in New Places

Often times the storage of older items that have not been redeemed through sales become an impediment if they are kept in storage areas nearest the shipping department. Constantly elbowing things out of the way adds to inefficiency in the overall stock processing system. SIMMS Inventory Management system shows all stock in each location, and Item Sale History Reports indicate the pieces that move—and those that don’t. Do yourself and your staff a favor and move the ‘slow’ items into a location furthest from where all the action is. And then seriously consider a special project in which the items is featured; once the special creates a demand for handling the slow items, they can be shunted back to where they are handy. Remember, it’s not the steps you make today that leads to success, but the steps you SAVE. Contact KCSI today to learn more tips on how your inventory management can be streamlined using SIMMS.

That Old Rack Magic

SIMMS Inventory Management system was built to resolve challenges. One initial challenge exists in medium-sized storage areas: a single entrance/exit to the storeroom — having an In door and an Out door, clearly labeled on both sides, adds to the speed of service in hectic rooms. For small storerooms, think vertical — large items that require rolling on carts owing to the items’ weight or size should be stored above the upper surface of the cart so the items can be eased down onto them; small items that are consumed regularly should be stored no lower than the chest level of your shortest employee, therefore racks of various heights should be employed to maximize the storage space. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS can help you coordinate your inventory both ergonomically and practically.

The Eyes Have It

There are countless tricks and quirks that can make great improvements to your stock system. With SIMMS Inventory Management system, you can employ most of them with ease. For instance, items most commonly employed in orders should be stored at eye-level; this way, both new and experienced staff take fewer and quicker steps to the items they handle the most. Putting orders together using this method — as well as grouping item locations (using shelves, bays, racks) make the process more like one STOP shopping, thus speeding up every step of your work force. For more tips and practical solutions, .

The Rows Man Always Pings Twice

With the SIMMS Inventory Management solution, any system of filling order that users want to try all work equally well. Dispatching staff to fill orders that are rarely made, and with which they are unfamiliar, may seem to be bad practice, but what is initially taking more time quickly becomes mastery. Too often staff are given tasks they’ve done a thousand times before, becoming “stuck in the rows” with which they’re familiar and never venturing to all points and corners of the stock area. Be forewarned: they will come back to ask for assistance, but this is temporary, and the wide area of dispatch for every staff member benefits both them and you in the long run. Contact KCSI today to learn more tricks and common sense suggestions to overcome your stock processing limitations.

The One To Talk To

Within SIMMS Inventory Management software, users can assign sales and purchasing agents to particular customers, thus designating the contact people in-house that have the clients’ best interests in mind. Particular contact types can be created with ease and precision. “>Contact KCSI today to learn more about this useful feature that will guarantee your customers the quickest responses and earliest satisfaction.

Debits and Credits

As is true with every company, tracking the dollars only makes sense. With SIMMS Inventory Management system, the accounting modules permit you to take all necessary steps for your complete banking needs: to edit and add bank accounts, credit card details, and enter deposits, transfer funds, and enter cash/check/credit card transactions, then proceed to reconciling them as well.
“>Contact KCSI today to learn more about SIMMS banking features.