Seven Stages – Seven: Loading Tricks

Seventh in the list of concepts for the improvement of inventory management is Loading. With SIMMS Inventory Management system, precise allotment of stock can be coordinated into shipping/trucking containers, regardless of whether they are filled locally or shipped piecemeal as orders come in. ‘Sides First’ is an age-old motto for organizing those trucks and shipping containers — placing materials along the sides for easy access no matter where the container is, while concurrently allowing additons and returns from the customers in an equally-organized fashion. Contact KCSI today for more ideas and answers about how SIMMS can help you achieve your inventory goals.

Nursery Times

Vast amounts of landscaping businesses scramble to keep up with their jobs of leaf raking and burning, plant and shrubbery installations and lawn care concerns. Supplies are consumed, hours are clocked, various vehicles are stocked and the stock depleted. With SIMMS Inventory Management software all jobs, large and small, can be tracked for exact item consumption and hourly wage rates to present comprehensive reports and invoices for customers. Contact KCSI today to find out more.

Seven Stages — #2: Location Setup

Second of the seven stages of improving inventory management is Location Setup. SIMMS Inventory Management system permits users to organize their holding areas into readily-accessible supply centers. Most-used items should be relocated to bins or shelves nearest the shipping bay and set at waist level for quick collection. Larger items are to be organized for easy lifting and to optimize their delivery to shipping in the fewest possible steps, using a busy and crowded condition as a model. Contact KCSI today to learn more.

Seven Stages – One: Lead Times

Those who manage inventory often encounter confusion when attempting to assess the efficiency of their system. SIMMS Inventory Management system permits a systematic analysis of any company’s business, provided that users know the criteria they need to watch. First of the seven basic criteria is Lead Times. A single cardinal rule applies to lead times: no item’s lead time (the time it takes from the date of order to the date of delivery) should be longer than two weeks. If any items have a longer than 14-day lead time, then a new vendor must be found OR orders must be doubled to reduce customer wait-time. For more info, contact KCSI today.

Twittering Pines

Building supplies are a vast stock concern for inventory managers — every screw, nail, sheet of plywood, bracket, etc. — and can lead to the irritation of owners and customers alike. Unless SIMMS Inventory Management software is on hand. SIMMS’ versatile and simple item creation, entry and tracking is unequalled on the market today. Whether you users need daily, weekly or monthly reports or need the serial number/lot number/SKU number of that ‘curved bracket thingie’, you’ll find the capability of easy and thorough management with SIMMS — contact KCSI today for more information.

Is It Salt or Sand?

While taking great pains to be accurate with inventory we often implement plans that are convoluted and confusing. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, users can enable a step-by-step platform to allow for more accurate analysis of results. The various adjustments can then better be assessed for their impact and effectiveness. Search for the ever-dreaded bottlenecks, wherein one process seems to produce delays and time-wasting residuals. Once those conditions are addressed for improvements in a methodical manner, improvements should become visible within only a few shifts. For more ideas on how to separate quirks from actual trends, contact KCSI today.

Autumn Leaves

Very often administrators must coordinate their staff to handle seasonal maladies that affect production teams. A bout of flu can quickly decimate an office. With SIMMS Inventory Management system, users can rotate in and out the workers with ease. Kitting and project management are easily handled and shortages in manpower allow for easy addition of short-term workers. In addition, some employees take vacation time in the fall and their days are booked off with ease and control. Contact KCSI today to discover more about how SIMMS can help your business remain productive.

Veterans Affairs

In any archival collection, such as commemorative collections of photographs, films, prinbted materials and more, indexing and displays cabinets can demand a great deal of time. SIMMS Inventory Management system permits users to easily designate categories and serialization, grouping and document numbering, so that collections, both large and small, are quickly provided the precision tracking they deserve. Contact KCSI today to discover more about archiving and SIMMS’ answers to your collective questions.

Getting Ahead

Dealing with customer needs and demands can be a challenge at the best of times but SIMMS Inventory Management system makes the tracking and ordering and shipment of stock as easy as 1-2-3. Lead times, automatic reorder points, drop-shipping and numerous other features enable users to keep ahead of the pack in terms of customer service. If you gain ten seconds now, you can keep that lead, but if you fall behind then there are too many variables at work that keep you behind. Contact KCSI today to find out more.